Modernize CX by Switching From
Oracle Service Cloud to Kustomer

Level up your CX with a single omnichannel workspace, turnkey tools,
and an intuitive user interface.

Say goodbye to steep learning curves, complicated processes, and outdated user interface.

Kustomer is a modern, turnkey and user-friendly CRM platform that supports the world’s fastest growing brands. By connecting tools, processes, and data into a single omnichannel workspace, the Kustomer platform empowers brands to deliver exceptional and consistent service experiences across all channels, while reducing the cost and complexity of service operations.

Comprehensive, easy to deploy, and built for scale, see why top brands made the switch to the leading Oracle service cloud alternative: Kustomer.

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Kustomer vs. Oracle

Oracle Service Cloud
Ease of Setup 85% 68%
Quality of Support 89% 73%
Ease of Doing Business With 89% 74%
Ease of Use 88% 78%
Social Integration 86% 68%
SLA Management 89% 75%
Integration 90% 77%
User, Role, and Access Management 92% 81%
Customization 91% 81%
Customer Profiles 90% 81%
Chat/Live Support 91% 82%

All satisfaction statistics based on user ratings from G2® Help Desk Comparison: Kustomer and Oracle Service Cloud.
Comparison data pulled 8/19/2021.

The Kustomer Difference

Unify Omnichannel Operations

View the entire customer experience at a glance and personalize service at scale.

  • Merge customer data across your relevant systems and channels into one customer-centric workspace.
  • Get a single-screen view of the entire customer journey in chronological order.
  • Quickly find, share, and act on information across platforms from one central place.
Timeline of Events

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Easy to Deploy, Customize, and Maintain

Launch a full-fledged omnichannel CX operation within weeks.

  • Turnkey tools to set up channels, customize branding for multiple entities, configure sophisticated business rules, and integrate third-party platforms.
  • Easy-to-use visual builder to customize e-mail templates, help centers, agent workspace, and more, and launch bots across the customer journey.
  • No dedicated administrator, expensive consultants, or system integrators required.
Modern CX

Modern and Intuitive User Interface

Boost agent efficiency with a thoughtfully designed user interface.

  • Intuitive, user-friendly design allows for fast and easy onboarding.
  • Efficiently update large amounts of data and organize customers, conversations, and custom objects using powerful search capabilities.
  • Instantly create custom reports to visualize trends and track metrics down to the minute.
Modern and Intuitive User Interface

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