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Delivering exceptional customer experiences that scale requires more than just a ticketing system like Gorgias. You need a platform that provides a complete view of customers, can orchestrate CX based on real-time customer data and empowers agents to deliver effective and efficient support with minimal effort.

Kustomer unifies tools, processes, and data into an actionable customer workspace, enabling your agents to view the entire customer journey in a single unified dashboard, and allowing them to take action on third-party systems without leaving Kustomer.

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The Kustomer Difference

One Place to Manage All Customer Data

Don’t just view customer data — store, manage, and act on customer data across multiple touchpoints from a single platform

  • Merge customer data across your relevant systems and channels into one customer-centric workspace
  • Quickly find, share, and act on information across the tech stack from a central location
  • View the entire customer experience at a glance with a single thread of all customer interactions displayed in an actionable timeline view

Eliminate Cherry Picking. Automatically Route Conversations to the Right Agent

Determine intent, prioritize conversations, and route support requests based on needs and capacity

  • Route conversations based on customer type, request type, and other attributes
  • Leverage built-in tools to balance team workload and manage agent capacity
  • Use real-time dashboards to monitor performance, proactively spot inefficiencies, and take instant action
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Maximize Efficiency With Intelligent Automations & CRM-Powered Chatbots

Orchestrate hyper-personalized automations across the customer journey to accelerate resolution and meet demand at scale

  • Deploy highly personalized chatbots across the entire user journey that can automate routine service interactions and seamlessly handoff to agents when necessary
  • Shift from one-step “if this, then that” rules to multi-step workflows that can perform a sequence of steps based on customer input and CRM data
  • Trigger processes on third party systems in real-time and automate end-to-end service workflows

Discover Trends, Evaluate Performance & Optimize Operations

Measure the performance and effectiveness of your teams, and efficiently allocate resources to meet demand at scale

  • Measure team and individual performance down to the minute; monitor handle times, SLAs, customer sentiment and more
  • Generate reports using predefined templates or build your own, and schedule reports to keep stakeholders up to date
  • Drill down on specific reports to view the underlying data and identify areas for improvement
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Reduce Total Cost Of Ownership

Don’t get bogged down with piecemeal pricing models that blindside you with incremental support costs

  • Fundamental support features like permission sets, team management, and satisfaction surveys are available by default for all plans
  • Don’t pay for integrations that are essential for your business — Shopify, Magento, and other third party integrations don’t cost extra
  • Manage multiple brands and configure unique settings for each, from a single account
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