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Orchestrate experiences that connect, engage, and convert shoppers into lifelong brand advocates

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Meet Customers Where
They Are

Give consumers the flexibility to reach out anywhere, anytime, on any channel, and they’ll never look back. Deliver seamless support across email, chat, social, SMS, and voice from a single interface.

  • Deliver concierge level support to digital shoppers using AI-powered chat for websites and mobile apps
  • Build relationships and strengthen loyalty with real-time engagement with followers, buyers, and influencers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp
  • Support email, SMS and voice without switching platforms, and drive faster resolution at scale

Deliver a Connected Experience Across All Touchpoints

When it comes to building customer loyalty, every interaction matters. Stand out from competitors by delivering contextualized and personal experiences at every touchpoint.

  • View the entire customer experience at a glance with a single thread of all customer interactions displayed in an actionable timeline view
  • Seamlessly switch between channels without losing context or switching platforms
  • Merge customer data across multiple systems and channels into one customer-centric workspace

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Fuel Efficiency with AI and Chatbots

A quick resolution is everything. Reduce response times, maximize team efficiency and meet demand at scale with powerful automations and AI.

  • Automate routine workflows and instantly resolve inquiries using chatbots powered by machine learning and customer data
  • Leverage AI and advanced workflows to tailor experiences based on your customers’ history, preferences, context, intent and more
  • Improve agent productivity by using machine learning to predict responses and actions


Implement a Proactive Support System

Prevent churn and boost customer loyalty with proactive engagement and support

  • Boost conversion by proactively engaging shoppers with targeted messages based on customer data, the web page they are on, time on website and more
  • Increase engagement and seamlessly bring users back into a conversation with in-app and push notifications
  • Track and mitigate emerging issues with real-time insights and reports

Hear From Happy Retailers

UNTUCKit Logo Case Study

“For anyone considering the Kustomer platform, I would encourage them to seek out clients that are already using it, brands like UNTUCKit, and also really get to know some of the people that are working at Kustomer. It’s a really high energy company – lots of great people that are invested in your success as much as you are.”

Mike Vroom, Customer Service Director, UNTUCKit

“We switched to Kustomer in November of last year, which was amazing being able to get launched and successful so fast before the big Black Friday/Cyber Monday rush.”

Amy Coleman, Director of CX,

“There’s so much opportunity to leverage Kustomer’s API and help create a more seamless customer and Fit Stylist experience. We want to improve our customers’ ability to self-service, and provide our Fit Stylists with additional tools to improve their knowledge so they can effectively resolve issues. We’re excited to continue to grow the relationship between ThirdLove and Kustomer.”

Gio Brown, CX Systems Admin Manager, ThirdLove

Away Travel Logo

“Kustomer is a platform that offers so much more than just a ticketing system—it’s optimizing our entire customer experience workflow at Away. There are so many ways you can use Kustomer to leverage customer insights and make more informed decisions.”

Jayne Flynn, Data & Analytics, Away

“At a glance, we can see how many times a customer has written in, all their orders, even the reviews they’ve submitted. It makes it so much easier for our reps to focus on that customer’s needs, rather than one ticket at a time.”

Heather Kunert, Director of CX, Comrad Socks

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