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The popularity of marketplaces has skyrocketed in the past decade. Whether using a platform to order from your favorite local restaurant, finding a freelancer to help with one-off projects, or buying from a niche online seller, marketplaces are now part of consumers’ daily lives. But managing complex relationships with both buyer and seller adds a unique set of problems to the support process. Kustomer helps marketplaces talk to buyer and seller in parallel, easing friction and enabling valuable conversations.

Nurture Relationships on Both Ends of the Transaction

Marketplaces are built around relationships. The consumer is no longer the only focus – agents also need to be able to see the order, the delivery, the booking, and be able to coordinate between two or three different stakeholders to resolve issues. Kustomer surfaces all information on a single timeline, giving agents what they need to resolve issues quickly and successfully.

Kustomer also makes intelligent connections based on the way your unique business operates, allowing your agents to connect the dots in real time.


Be Available Anywhere, Anytime

Marketplaces tend to be digital-first organizations, with a tech-savvy user base. Making it easy for customers to engage with your business means being available anywhere, anytime, no matter the channel. As a truly omnichannel platform Kustomer ensures that everyone on your team can view client conversations in real-time and progress conversations forward without customers having to repeat information. Kustomer also empowers teams to provide an elevated experience through proactive outreach. Whether updating a host that a guest is having issues, or contacting a buyer to inform them a storm is delaying their order, being proactive makes support a value added service.

Make Buyers and Sellers Happy, Let AI Do the Rest

Don’t let complex processes and manual tasks detract from the marketplace experience. Kustomer uses intelligence to automate manual tasks and complex business processes, and empowers customers to self-serve when appropriate. As a result, customers speak immediately to the most appropriate person, and your team stays focused on providing the best possible experience to both buyers and sellers.

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