Developing Meaningful Relationships With Their Customers, One Untucked Shirt at a Time


Increase in Agent Productivity by 25%

Decreased Voice Handle Times by 30%

Company Profile

Customer Since: 2018

Number of Users: 48

Switched From: Desk.com

Favorite Features: Omnichannel Support, Conversations, Snooze


The Challenge

Wrangling data spread across disparate platforms and point solutions to improve customer visibility and agent efficiency.

The Results

  • Putting all the necessary customer info in front of agents helped them decrease voice handle times by 30 seconds.
  • UNTUCKit increased agent productivity 25% by creating a more efficient and holistic experience using Kustomer.
  • Creating a seamless omnichannel conversation flow for agents and customers led to a significant increase in First Call Resolution.


“I knew we were going to be more efficient with Kustomer, but I didn’t know HOW much more efficient. The ease of use has been really flawless, and everything our team members need is finally all in one place.”

Mike Vroom, Customer Service Director, UNTUCKit


UNTUCKit was created to solve the problem that millions of men struggle with everyday by offering shirts designed specifically to be worn untucked. Since launching in 2011, UNTUCKit has grown to 13 product categories, ranging from T-shirts and polos to shorts, jackets and performance wear. The brand has introduced lines for women and children, offering perfectly contoured hemlines and more than 50 tailored fit options for the whole family. UNTUCKit is dedicated to creating an unmatched shopping experience as they expand rapidly into physical retail locations both nationally and internationally.

UNTUCKit wanted to ensure their stellar shopping experience was supported across every customer touchpoint, especially support. However, Mike Vroom, UNTUCKit’s Customer Service Director, was facing the challenge of wrangling a growing number of disparate platforms and point solutions. His team lacked visibility into customer lifetime value and customer service history. His agents were continuously toggling between multiple systems, which caused inefficiency and a lot of headaches. They weren’t just looking for a software solution; they wanted to find a true partner. “The reason that we went with Kustomer is because we felt like it was a company that would truly be a partner for us in our business – someone that was growing as fast as we were,” Mike noted.

UNTUCKit Case Study Inline NYC

With the Kustomer platform, UNTUCKit team members have the advantage of seeing all relevant customer information in the customer timeline. Team members have a virtually seamless process in gathering the right data points and resolving customer inquiries. With all necessary information right in front of them, agents feel empowered, handling more cases which in turn results in faster handle times, improved CSAT and more meaningful interactions.


“For anyone considering the Kustomer platform, I would encourage them to seek out clients that are already using it, brands like UNTUCKit, and also really get to know some of the people that are working at Kustomer.”

Mike Vroom, Customer Service Director, UNTUCKit


Customer service agents aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits of Kustomer’s omnichannel approach. As a result of creating a more efficient and holistic process for our agents, customers receive quicker resolutions.

In addition, Kustomer’s capabilities allow UNTUCKit to take a much more proactive approach contacting customers and filling gaps in service before they become an issue. With Kustomer’s CX team on hand, it’s been easy for UNTUCKit to overcome any obstacles in the integration process and troubleshoot on the fly.

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