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A breakdown of Kustomer’s latest product feature releases, platform updates, and enhancements.

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December 2023

kObjects to trigger a workflow now GA

kObject Triggering Event

With this update, you can kick off a workflow when a kObject is created or updated and create even more powerful automations that, for example, let them proactively alert customers when their order status has changed.

NOTE: These triggers are available if you have additional klasses enabled in your org and they are organized by klass type.

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Kustomer App Directory Surpasses 50 Publicly Available Apps

We are excited to share that our app directory is now home to 50+ apps that customers can be taking advantage of to supercharge their service experiences.

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March 2023 – November 2023

Kustomer AI Response Bot for Knowledge Base

We’re excited to share that we’ve supercharged our bot experience with AI Responses. The AI response interaction uses OpenAI to respond to questions in your chat assistant using information found on your public knowledge base, bypassing the need to engage with a support rep.  What’s more, you can easily set up AI responses in a few clicks, by adding AI interactions to a custom chatbot that includes intents, or by selecting a “Respond with AI” template that does the work for you. 

NOTE: The AI response interaction is only available for Pro assistants on the chat channel.

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AI Response Deflection Report

With the AI Response Deflection Report, users now have a way to understand not only how effective the AI responses have been in deflecting customer inquiries, but also to gain insight into what responses weren’t helpful, or completely missing from their help center, so that they can improve their content. This functionality not only saves time for both your customers and agents but it also enhances the overall experience customers have with your organization. 

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Agent Co-pilot (Beta Access)

Agent Co-pilot, our agent-facing AI-powered suite, supports your team’s customer service workflows with intelligent one-click optimizations that increase agent efficiency and improve customer delight. Each AI-powered feature is turned off by default and you can visit the settings page to turn on any individual features as desired.

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2-way message translations

This new feature to the Agent Co-pilot suite aims to further supercharge support teams. The 2-way translation feature (powered by AWS translation service) lets agents easily translate both customer messages and their replies directly within a conversation.

NOTE: This feature is currently in a private beta period. If you are interested in participating, please contact your CSM. 

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Adobe Commerce Integration

The Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) app integration syncs standard objects such as new addresses, customers, orders, invoices, credit memos (refunds), and shipments, in addition to real-time shopping cart info to populate your Kustomer organization. All data that exists within Adobe Commerce is stored inside of Kustomer and is fully available to support agents

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kObject to Trigger a Workflow (Beta Access)

Customers can now kick off a workflow when a kObject is created or updated and create even more powerful automations that, for example, let them proactively alert customers when their order status has changed.

NOTE: This feature is currently in a private beta period.  If you are interested in getting access, please contact your CSM.

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Shopify Create and Duplicate Order

To provide customers with the best-in-market Shopify integration, we are enabling agents to stay within Kustomer to perform the key actions they need to create and duplicate orders without navigating away from the insights panel. This effort will help drive productivity and efficiency while increasing user satisfaction on the Kustomer platform.

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Integrate with Klaviyo

Start connecting your Klaviyo store to Kustomer by creating a private key on the Klaviyo platform and entering it into the Klaviyo app settings page on Kustomer.  Once connected, the app will automatically sync the following data between your Kustomer and Klaviyo accounts:

  • Push Kustomer customer data to Klaviyo as profiles
  • Pull relevant Klaviyo campaign, list, and segment data into Kustomer as an Insight Card on the customer timeline

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Test iOS Push Notifications in a Test Simulator

Now you can test your iOS Kustomer push notifications in a simulator before turning them on in production.

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Update to the “Find Review” feature in the Trustpilot App

Customers can leverage Trustpilot’s “Find Review” feature to contact reviewers to get additional information about their experience.

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Integrate with Talkdesk –

Talkdesk is a cloud-based call center solution that offers VoIP services that allow you to manage inbound or outbound calls via a widget and automatically build a customer profile in Kustomer. Using Kustomer and Talkdesk together allows your sales and support teams to view, search, and report on historical call data within a customer’s timeline. Users can also listen to call recordings and send an email/SMS follow-up all within the same conversation view.

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Integrate with Zingtree

Zingtree is a decision tree tool that can provide guidance for agents, providing them with a new insight card that agents can use to follow instructions through a decision tree when supporting customers.

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Integrate with FlipCX

FlipCX is a voice bot provider for voice channels. The app allows FlipCX to create conversations in Kustomer with information about what happened with the user during the automated portion of the call.  

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Search for customer reports

You can now search through your list of custom reports

Tasks – Seeking Beta Clients

Tasks enable collaboration between internal teams, so you can solve customer problems together in one place: the customer timeline. We’re excited about the speed, improved visibility, and heightened accountability that comes with this feature.

NOTE: This feature is currently in a private beta period.  If you are interested in getting access, please fill out THIS FORM.  For more info, please contact your CSM or reach out to the product owner, Lindsay Bayer, at 

Native Voice – Seeking Beta Clients

Kustomer Voice gives teams the power to streamline their customer support and efficiently manage phone inquiries right within the Kustomer platform. 

In this initial Beta for Native Voice, we will have limited support for voicemail, transcriptions, reporting, and international numbers (USA/Canada only) – but we will roll out these features throughout the Beta period. If you are interested, please fill out THIS FORM. For more information please reach out to your CSM or the product owner, Kristin Cour, at

February 2023

Take Advantage of WhatsApp Assistant Support for Images and Videos

WhatsApp Conversational Assistants now support image and video attachments. We support jpeg, png, and mp4. Note that the max file size is 5MB.

Set a Custom Conversation Definition for WhatsApp

Now, admins can specify when a WhatsApp message should thread into an existing conversation or create a new conversation. By default, the time frame is 24 hours to match the WhatsApp session length, however, admins can update this to suit the needs of the business.

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Get Your Assistants Up and Running Faster With Conversational Assistant Templates

We know configuring Conversational Assistants can be daunting. In order to make this process more seamless, we’ve built a gallery of common assistant templates so you can get up and running faster than ever. To access the templates, simply navigate to Conversational Assistants in the UI and click “Add Assistant.”

Leverage Enhanced Multi-Question CSAT Reporting

This update to the Satisfaction standard report brings a new look and feel and access to a brand new Survey Responses tab. The Survey Responses tab shows reporting results filtered down to individual survey responses with top-level KPI data and individual charts for each follow-up question. Question types include Multiple Choice (default Pie chart), Multi-Select (default Bar Chart), and Free Text (default Table format).

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Increase Agent Inbox Flexibility with Inbox Sorting

Inbox Sorting brings an added level of flexibility to every agent’s inbox. Now all of your agents can use the new sorting options to organize their inbox based on their individual preferences. New sorting options include: Waiting Longest, Newest Response, Newly Assigned (Current default), Oldest Assigned, Highest Priority and SLA.

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Simplify Chat Set up and Maintenance with the React Native SDK

With the React SDK, the time and resources required to set up and maintain your chat environment is greatly reduced. The React SDK uses the same code base, so you no longer need iOS or Android developers to maintain both versions. You will also get access to the latest and greatest Kustomer Chat features and are always supported on the latest OS.

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Chat Android SDK v2.10.6

Our latest Android SDK release fixed a slew of bugs that caused issues to the Chat experience.

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January 2023

Leverage Our New WhatsApp Integration

We’re thrilled to announce that our WhatsApp integration is now live. This no-code, one-click integration with WhatsApp will enable you to use message templates to proactively reach out to customers, configure workflows, deploy chatbots – complete with various button options – and so much more.

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Get Your Assistants Up and Running Faster With Conversational Assistant Templates

We know configuring Conversational Assistants can be daunting. In order to make this process more seamless, we’ve built a gallery of common assistant templates so you can get up and running faster than ever. To access the templates, simply navigate to Conversational Assistants in the UI and click “Add Assistant.”

Set Up Live Chat for Shopify in a Pinch

Admins can now install a live chat widget for Shopify stores directly in Kustomer in a single click rather than having to manually insert chat SDK code. We’ve also made it easier for users to refresh permissions.

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Easily Understand API Limits

It’s now easier than ever for admins to understand API usage. Admins can navigate to the new platform limits page to see when and how often they’re hitting API limits so they can make changes accordingly. What’s more, all orgs will now see a new toggle that allows them to view rate limit usage either by API key or by endpoint.

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December 2022

Keep Track of Twitter Thread Replies

We’ve made significant improvements to our Twitter integration. It’s now easier than ever to create threaded conversations for public replies. With this enhancement, the initial reply will start the conversation and all replies to the original reply will thread seamlessly into a single conversation.

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Get a Live Preview for Chat Assistants Before Deployment

Previously, admins we’re able to preview or test their Chat Assistant before deployment. Now, you can preview a draft or published Chat Assistant while you’re building it, to see how it will work in all instances before deploying.

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Bolster Support With Multi-Region Disaster Recovery

We now have multi-region disaster recovery support to ensure you’re covered when unforeseen regional service disruptions occur. Our backup cloud environment is hosted in a secondary region so you can get up and running faster.

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Chat Web SDK Release Update

With our latest Chat Web SDK release, we’ve introduced a new customer-facing change log as well as made improvements to our Chat UI. The Chat UI now automatically expands when viewing KnowledgeBase articles so you can easily follow along.

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Chat Android SDK v2.10.4 Release

With our latest Android SDK release we released a slew of bug fixes, improvements and one new feature that allows initial messages sent to a customer to appear on the agent timeline when creating a new session.

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Chat iOS SDK vs 2.7.5

Our last iOS SDK release of the year includes a slew of bug fixes. Articles now properly display across default brand categories and the deflection report now shows all articles that are clicked in chat, even if the chat is abandoned after an article click, among others.

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Empower Developers to Easily Configure Chat

We’ve made improvements to the chat setup experience so admins can now send an email with Chat API setup instructions and resources directly to developers.


November 2022

New Subscription Packages Now Available

We know your needs are always changing. With that in mind, we now offer additional subscription package options that still provide core Kustomer platform functionality, but at a lower price point. We now offer two new lower tier subscription packages: Professional, $29, and Business, $49.

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Take Advantage of the Updated Agent Performance Dashboard

With this release we’ve expanded our metric count, updated and improved our design, and increased accessibility so that agents can quickly understand how they’re performing throughout their shift.

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Leverage Enhanced Localization Settings

In an effort to address challenges navigating Settings to update Kustomer app language, we’ve made a couple tweaks to app localization settings so it’s easier than ever for Admins and users to set up their default app language.

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Anticipate Conversation Load With New Conversation Loading State

In an effort to help with perceived timeline performance, we have added loading states for conversations. Instead of showing a small blank rectangle while we load a conversation, we now show a loading state.

Chat iOS SDK vs 2.7.4

In this release we made a slew of fixes to de-duplicate category names in the Knowledge Base widget, ensure push notifications aren’t blank, properly populate outbound chat messages, and so much more. To view the entire list of fixes, view the changelog below.

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Set Conditions With New Operators for Conditional Attributes

For contact reason on conversation, admins often use a multi-level list attribute. This new feature allows you to set conditions on any of the child nodes of the parent node. “Is within” is the new operator to set conditions on parent or child nodes for multi-level list attributes. We’ve also introduced “Starts with” which works on custom string properties, company name, conversation name. Both are supported in KViews.

Chat Web SDK Release Update

The chat UI now expands when viewing Knowledge Base articles to allow for easier reading. We also fixed an issue where an article deflected from a chat assistant in a language that did not match the end-user’s browser language would 404.

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September 2022

Get More Value out of Kustomer IQ

Exciting news — we’ve made major improvements to our Kustomer IQ Conversational Assistant plans and pricing. The new plans will offer better value, clarity, and flexibility, so it’s easier than ever to reap the benefits of conversational automation. What’s more, we’re hosting a live webinar on November 15th so you can learn how to make the most of our new plans.

Bulk Delete Customers and Conversations in Searches

Admins and org owners can now bulk delete customers and conversations in searches, increasing efficiency by eliminating the need to manually delete customers or conversations one by one. Note that users who are not admins or org owners will need to be granted bulk delete permissions under search permission settings.

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Enable Agents to Quickly Access Relevant Content on Insight Cards through Deep Links

You can now reference dynamic content in an Insight Card to create deep links to external sites, empowering agents to jump directly to a relevant page like a customer’s profile on social media. Note that admins who can edit KViews can configure deep links.

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Minimize Errors With Improved Keyboard Shortcuts

Previously, you could use single-key hotkeys, such as ‘D,’ to mark a conversation as done. However, this could cause unintended errors if you instead just wanted to use the letter ‘D.’ Now, to mark a conversation as done, you’ll use the keyboard shortcut “option + D.” Additionally, we’ve added tips to the platform so you’ll know which keyboard shortcuts to use to trigger certain actions.

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Leverage Conditional Attributes in the Code Editor

Streamline customized views through conditional attributes by only showing attributes relevant to an agent’s current conversation. This works by allowing admins to control the appearance of a given view by setting attributes to depend on whether or not the previous attribute was filled out. This helps declutter the agent’s view by only showing attributes when necessary.

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Get a More Streamlined Conversation View

We’ve made a slew of updates to the conversation view so you can glean more information at a glance. You can now hover over individual messages to view the timestamp as well as a message’s date. What’s more, messages within the same minute will share a timestamp for a more streamlined view.

Use New Icons for Reply and Add Note buttons in the Draft Editor

We made some UI improvements that now make the Reply and Add Note buttons more distinctive and thus, easier to find.

Leverage the Learn More Popup for Shortcuts

We made some UI improvements that now make the Reply and Add Note buttons more distinctive and thus, easier to find.

View all ExternalIds in the Customer Edit Modal

We will be displaying all externalIds values in the Customer Edit modal. Agents can choose which ID to set as default which will also set the externalId property. More context can be found in Jira.

Toggle Between UI Elements with Ease

Previously, agents experienced abrupt UI shifts when toggling between Reply and Add Note as each had different dimensions for the draft editor. We made the two consistent which eliminates the abrupt experience. We also streamlined the experience for the draft editor. Now, when you create a draft agents will not experience abrupt jumps when the draft is expanded.

Chat Android SDK v2.10.3

With the latest Chat Android SDK release we have added two new features. Firstly, we added a new `openKbCategory` method that can be used to open a Knowledge base category by its ID.
We also added support to display knowledge base articles marked as “Featured Articles” on the Answers tab in the chat UI.

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Chat iOS SDK v2.7.3

The latest Chat iOS SDK release now supports the display of knowledge base articles marked as “Featured Articles” on the Answers tab in the chat UI. This release also added filtering for insecure file types as well as a slew of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

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August 2022

Coming Soon: Get Ready for the 1-Click WhatsApp Integration

Exciting news – Kustomer will soon be a WhatsApp Business Solution provider. We’ll have more to share with you as we get closer to our release date, but in the meantime, we want to ensure you’re ready to start using WhatsApp Business Messaging. Make sure to create a Meta Business Suite account and get your business verified so you can take advantage of all of WhatsApp’s amazing features.

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Easily Test Chat Without the Need for a Developer

We’ve made it easier than ever for admins configuring chat to test settings without needing a developer to do so. Now, when you navigate to the Chat Settings page, you can launch the chat test experience in a single click.

Manage eCommerce Messages from a Single Place with the ChannelReply App

You can now use the ChannelReply app to respond to eCommerce messages across marketplace platforms like Amazon and eBay, directly within Kustomer.

Enable Agents to Set Out of Office Statuses through the Out of Office Utility App

Allow agents in your organization to easily set an out of office status without the need of workflows or business rules.

Android SDK v2.10.2 Release

The newest Android SDK release is now available and includes the ability to block attachment file types that pose security risks. This release also includes a slew of improvements such as an enhanced view of new messages within conversation lists.

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Chat iOS SDK v2.7.2 Release

The latest iOS SDK release is now available. This release added two new features that enable you to quickly scroll down to the bottom of a message thread as well as support for setting lock out periods for satisfaction surveys. What’s more, this release added a slew of improvements, including an improved user experience of the conversation history UI.

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July 2022

Get More Control Over Assistant Volume with the Inactive Customer Reminder

A new setting has been added to our Assistant volume control that makes it easy to prompt the customer to respond to the Assistant’s last message if they haven’t responded. What’s more, after the reminder is sent, the assistant will automatically resend the last message that was sent before the customer became inactive.

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Leverage Web Chat Enhancements

Chat end users can now take advantage of the “Quick Jump to Bottom of Message Thread” button so it’s easy for the user to scroll up in message threads and easily return to the bottom to view most recent messages. Additionally, we’ve updated the text input box to automatically expand as the user types. For developers, we’ve added a new method called kustomer.stop() that allows customers to de-initialize Chat and remove it from their site. This is useful if you want the chat widget to display on your site when viewing on desktop, but not when viewing on mobile browsers.

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Easily Configure Multi-Question Surveys

We’ve made enhancements to our survey capabilities so it’s easier than ever to add additional questions to surveys both new and old. Previously, those with older surveys had to create a new survey in order to unlock the ability to add additional questions. However, we’ve updated thousands of older surveys so you no longer have to use this workaround. Note that this enhancement will not impact Reporting with Secondary Questions.

Toggle Between Reply or Reply All with Ease

You can now toggle between Reply and Reply All in a pinch. When an email conversation has multiple recipients, the default will still be set to Reply All, but the agent can now choose to reply to a single recipient through an intuitive dropdown. Further, agents can still manually edit the recipients.

Access Kustomer Community via SSO and Easily Submit Product Ideas

We’ve released the ability to access the Kustomer Community via single sign-on directly from Kustomer, so you can access the Kustomer Community in a pinch. What’s more, once you log in, you won’t be required to log in again. We’ve also made it easier for you to submit your product ideas. Simply navigate to your Settings Overview to be taken directly to the Kustomer Community Product Ideas page.

iOS 2.7.1 Update

This iOS update made significant improvements to the previous iOS 2.7.0 release. To view all improvements, please view the changelog.

View Changelog

Easily Search for Installed Apps and Channels in Settings

We’ve heard your feedback and have since released this enhancement that makes it easier to navigate your Settings page. Now you can search for installed apps directly from your Settings page as well as navigate directly to the app from the page.

Magento is now Adobe Commerce

We’ve updated the name of the Adobe Commerce app to reflect recent branding changes. Note that the app will still be searchable as both Adobe Commerce and Magento in the app directory. References to Magento will now be ‘Adobe Commerce (previously Magento)’.


June 2022

Get a Holistic, Real-Time View of Your Queues With Live Queue Dashboard

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Live Queue Dashboard. With Live Queue Dashboard you’ll get a comprehensive, real-time view of your queues so you can take action in the moment to better optimize your workforce, increase agent efficiency, drive faster resolution times, and improve customer satisfaction. Note that Live Queue Dashboard is part of Team Pulse, which is only available on the Ultimate plan.

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Empower both Agents and Customers to Self-Serve and Drive Efficiencies With the Portal

Kustomer is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Portal, a customizable, branded page for customers to get a centralized view of their conversation history across all channels. Customers can respond to conversations directly through the Portal. What’s more, for agents and admins, the Portal now serves as a dedicated space for both internal and external Knowledge Base articles so agents and admins can find the content they need faster than ever.

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Easily Configure Business Rules with New Business Rule Templates and a Guided Setup Experience

You can now preview and modify business rule templates directly within the template modal. Most importantly, we’ve made the business rule configuration experience seamless. For example, if we detect that you’re missing a key step in an SMS auto-response rule, the template will automatically lock and point you towards the missing step, complete with linked resources on exactly how to configure the step.

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Manage Subscription Page Redesign

We’ve made significant improvements to the Manage Subscription Page so you have better visibility into your seat count and add-ons. What’s more, you can take action directly on the page. You can view annualized billing amounts based on your org’s current contractual agreements, increase seat count, submit purchases, and more.


Leverage an Enhanced Timeline Rail Design

We’ve cleaned up the look of the Timeline Rail for increased usability. We’ve moved the channel icon to the rail, removed message count, and rolled out a new way to keep your Conversations expanded.


Find Tags Faster Through Improved Search Logic

We’ve heard your feedback and have since released an enhancement to our search logic. In order to make search results more accurate, we’ve added a much more advanced fuzzy search so you can surface all relevant tags with a single word.


Easily Tailor Attributes on the Insights Details Card

We’ve made significant enhancements to the Insight Details Card located on the right hand side of the Timeline. Previously, attributes would automatically get added to this card. Now, when a custom attribute is created, you’ll receive a prompt asking you if you’d like that new attribute to appear on your Insight Card so you can easily add your desired attributes via the Visual Builder.


Android 2.9.11 Update

The new Android Update enables the ability to lock CSAT surveys when the set time period has passed. Additionally, we’ve added two new parameters that can be used on conversation creation: describeAttributes parameter that can be used to pass conversation attributes and the title parameter that can be used to set the conversation name.



Easily Configure Apps Templates for Charts and Business Rules

Templates are an outline of different features within Kustomer that give you a useful starting point to use right away. You can also modify templates for a more specific use case. We’ve released these templates for apps so you can get up and running faster.

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Allow Widget Code to Run in the Background

We’ve added a new capability to the Apps Platform that allows widget code to always be running, even if the widget is hidden from view and the agent has never opened it. This gives developers a place to run background JavaScript code that will always be able to react to incoming events. This opens up new possibilities for app developers and bespoke integrations.

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View Character Count for Paragraph Fields

You can now see how many characters you have left as you type text in a paragraph field in the Insights panel. This helps you prevent any data loss that may occur if you were to go over the limit.


Search for Conversations by ID

You can now search conversations by conversation ID in the Link Conversations modal. This will help agents find the right conversations to link by knowing the identifier (you no longer have to remember and sort through similar conversation titles!)


May 2022

Easily Export and Share Shortcuts With Export Buddy App

We’ve heard your customer feedback and have since released this top-requested feature.
Easily audit and share your Shortcuts with other departments with the ability to export all Shortcuts, Tags, or Users as a CSV file, using our brand new Export Buddy app in the App Directory.

Edit the Default Ordering of Your Search Columns to Make it Easier to View Key Information

You asked and we delivered. This top requested feature enables you to set defaults directly in the Search settings modal while manual, one-time overrides can be done through the three black bars icon. Both of these can be done through an easy drag-and-drop.

Now Generally Available: Use Business Rule Templates to Get Up and Running Faster

You can now preview and modify business rule templates for your top use cases directly within the template modal. What’s more, we’ve made sure that the business rule configuration experience is as seamless as possible by adding a guided experience directly within the business rule builder.

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Easily Define the Level of Your Spam Protection With Spam Threshold

Previously, if our email engine suspected an inbound email to be spam, Kustomer would automatically mark that message as spam and the sender would be added to your Kustomer Block List, without notifying or requiring input from any Agent.

Now, you can adjust your spam threshold directly within Kustomer to customize your level of protection or set the threshold to zero to prevent any inbound emails from being automatically marked as spam.

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Play MP4 and MOV Files Without Downloading Them

Boost agent efficiency and prevent Agents from downloading potentially sensitive information with the ability to play MP4 and MOV files directly within the Timeline instead of having to download them as attachments.

Simplified UI for Email Seen Indicator

We’ve updated the seen indicator for Email to make it easier for Agents to understand when their email has been seen by the customer.

Important note: Since Postmark requires organizations to opt in for updates, please make sure to update your Postmark app to begin seeing the updated seen indicator on new messages. The previous version of the seen indicator will not appear for new Email messages going forward but will still be visible on older messages.

SCIM Provisioning for User Management

Admins now have the ability to set up SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management), a standard for automating onboarding, offboarding and access changes within Kustomer App through best-in-class identity providers such as Okta and OneLogIn.

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Kustomer Web App Now Supports Firefox ESR

An alternate version of Firefox, Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release)sees less major updates and is ideal for organizations looking to carefully control agents’ computers and minimize the business impact of Firefox’s rapid release schedule.

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Loop Returns App

Loop Returns enables agents to view returns and labels created in Loop Returns directly within the Timeline so agents don’t have to toggle between tabs to deliver exceptional care. Leverage Loop Returns to view order change information, charge breakdowns, returns and exchanges, and tracking information.

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Easily Share Internal Notes on Customer Reviews With Trustpilot App 2.0.2

A brand new version of our Trustpilot app automatically stores all notes as internal, without requiring Agents to add !internal to their note. Important: Agents must now include !reply in the body of their note in order to reply to a Trustpilot review.

This new version also includes a number of fixes to the Workflows processing inbound and outbound review data.
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Android 2.9.10 & iOS 2.6.2 Available for Chat 2.0

We have made a number of improvements and bug fixes to our mobile Chat SDKs, including improved pagination performance when loading message history, ability to pinch-to-zoom on images, and much more.

See Changelog

Dependent Attributes Automatically Cleared When New Conditional Attributes Selected

Previously, changing the value of the Conditional Attribute did not clear the Dependent Attribute(s) that appear underneath it, unless a User cleared those Dependent Attribute values.

Now, selecting a new Conditional Attribute value automatically clears the Dependent Attribute(s) of the previously selected Conditional Attribute, resulting in more accurate Reporting and saving Agents time from having to manually correct the values.


April 2022

Fresh Colors for Light & Dark Mode

We’ve unveiled cleaner, more modern color palettes for light and dark mode. The new color palettes are cleaner, improve accessibility by meeting color contrast standards, and boost designer and developer velocity by offering a more intuitive, higher quality user interface.


Declutter Timelines With the Ability to Delete KObjects

Simplify the Agent view with the ability to delete KObjects that are redundant or no longer needed directly within the Timeline, without the need to send an API request.

Save time with the option to delete KObjects in bulk from your Search results, and facilitate troubleshooting by tracking deletion events in Audit Logs.

    • By default, Org Owners and Admins can delete KObjects; deletion can be enabled for other Users via Custom Permission Sets.
    • You can manage notifications for bulk KObject deletions by heading over to Personal > Notifications > A bulk job I initiated has completed.
    • Note: Deletion is permanent and irreversible.


Get Customers the Answers They Need With AI-Based Intent Detection

Use the Conversational Assistant to create intents that detect common phrases in customers’ questions. We have added the ability to use phrases, in addition to keywords, to help strengthen your Conversational Assistant by enabling it to understand how customers might word questions differently.

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Build Customer Trust With Data Masking Beta (Ultimate Only)

Enhance customer trust with the ability to restrict agent access to sensitive customer data using Data Masking.

  • Define which Standard and Custom Attributes Agents can see within the platform, and easily customize whether those Attributes appear fully or partially masked.
  • When Attributes are marked as sensitive, their values will be masked from Agents across Timeline, Global Search, Saved Searches, Edit Modals, Insight Cards, Browser Tabs, and more.

Data Masking is available for Ultimate plans only and is currently in Beta. If you’re interested in trying this feature, please sign up here.

Learn more about Data Masking in this help article.


Portal for Admins and Agents Beta

Admins and agents can now access their very own branded internal homepage, or Portal, that will allow them to easily navigate through categories and both internal and public Knowledge base articles. What’s more, admins and agents can easily open articles in new tabs and conduct searches directly within the Portal so getting key information is easier than ever.

Request Beta Access
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Enhancements to Knowledge Base Categories and Articles

We have made a number of enhancements to the Knowledge Base user experience so it’s easier for you to manage your categories and articles. With these changes, you can:

  • View both internal and public articles under a single, simplified tree
  • Assign both internal and public articles to the same category
  • Move articles from one category to another using our drag-and-drop UI
  • Easily identify internal articles via the new lock icon
  • Assign internal articles directly to a given brand


An Easier Way to View and Select Items in Multi-Level Lists

We’ve introduced a number of UI improvements that make it easier to parse through multi-level lists, including:

  • Improved sizing and spacing within multi-level list dropdown menus
  • New tooltips on menu items that display a preview of the item on hover
  • Improved text wrapping for better readability, eliminating the need to scroll horizontally to be able to see menu items
  • Refreshed styling for breadcrumbs in multi-level list search results to clarify which items on the list are selectable


Enhanced Notifications Design & System Events Notifications for Admins

We’ve redesigned the personal notifications page to increase usability. There are now grouped sections for Messages, Conversations, Notes, Mentions, and Timeline Objects. Additionally, we have added a new tab for “System Events” that will serve as the main, centralized notification experience for admins. This will allow admins to stay abreast of notifications with ease.
Note: The new notifications experience will be turned on for admins by default.

Learn More


Android 2.9.9 Available for Chat 2.0

We have made a number of improvements and bug fixes to our mobile SDKs for Chat 2.0, including better error logging for connection issues.

See Changelog


Improve Security With Warning Display for Embedded API Keys

Safely access data with the ability to see a warning message if the advanced KView you’re creating or editing contains a Kustomer API key.


Refreshed Illustrations for More Modern UI

As part of our ongoing initiative to improve our design and user experience, we’ve introduced new illustrations for a more consistent and modern user interface.

March 2022

Support for Inline Images in Message Drafts & Shortcuts

We’ve heard your customer feedback and have since released this top-requested feature. You can now save time and provide customers with greater context by dragging and dropping images and gifs inline into messages and shortcuts instead of having to add them as attachments. Drag-and-drop inline images are supported across email, notes, and chat.

Note that you can still add images as attachments via the attachment icon on the toolbar. Additionally, if you drag-and-drop a file that is not an image, Kustomer automatically detects it as a non-image file and adds it to the message as an attachment.

Learn More

New Releases to Take Your Custom Reports to the Next Level

Split Permission Sets for Custom vs. Standard Reports
Previously, granting user access to Reporting meant giving access to all Standard Reports, in addition to the ability to create new Custom Reports, and access to any Custom Reports the user has report-level access to via Custom Permission Sets.

Now, you can allow agents to access only Custom Reports, in addition to controlling view/edit access to each Custom Report.

Enable Dynamic Viewing With “Current User” Option for User Picker

Automatically update your chart to display only the data relevant to its current viewer by applying the Current User filter via User Picker when building your chart.

Track Performance Against Goals With Simple Targets

Understand at-a-glance how performance is tracking against goals with the ability to add target values for count type metrics. Inputting Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly target values at the Customization step of the Chart Builder adds a dashed line on your chart to represent your target. Changing the chart interval updates the target accordingly.


UX/UI Enhancements for Search Data Exports

We’ve released a number of UX/UI enhancements to improve the consistency between data exports in Search vs. Reporting.

  • When choosing the attributes to include in your Search data export, you will now see internal and display names, in addition to sample data for most standard attributes, making it easier to find the attributes you’re looking for.
  • Previously, attribute lists for Search and Reporting data exports were managed separately, leading to inconsistencies when changes are introduced to one or the other. Now, we source the attributes from the same schema, so that your two lists are always at parity.
  • You can now pre-sort columns in Search data exports, making it easier to customize the export to suit your needs.


Maximize Engagement With Browser Notifications

Instantly engage site visitors and reduce chat abandonment with the ability to trigger browser notifications for new messages.

  • Browser notifications are triggered when an agent sends a message and your site visitor’s chat widget is minimized OR they’re not actively viewing the browser tab.
  • You can override the chat message that is previewed in the browser notification by heading over to Chat Settings > SDK > Push Notification Content and adding custom text.

See Developer Documentation


Pull Important Data Into Kustomer with the CSV Importer

Pull data into Kustomer using our new automated CSV importer. Through this tool, admins can import customers, users, teams, or companies by uploading a CSV file.

To access this new feature, navigate to: Settings > Administration > Data Import > Add Import > CSV. Once you’ve navigated to the importer, our import wizard will guide you through the steps required to properly import your data – complete with best practices and pre-built CSV templates.

Learn More


Leverage Granular Queue Settings to Better Serve Your Customers

You can now overwrite general queue settings for the Requeue When Offline or Automatic User Assignment settings. To enable this new functionality, navigate to any of your individual queue’s settings and view the new settings available under Advanced Configurations.

This will enable you to tailor individual queues to specific use cases. For example, if you have a VIP use case, you can configure the queue to keep conversations with agents even if agents are offline or switch to unavailable so your VIP customers will receive a high-touch level of care.

Additionally, we’ve made the Requeue When Offline setting more refined. Now you can specify if a conversation should requeue if the conversation is open, snoozed, open and snoozed or not at all.

Learn More


Gain Customer Context and Merge Customers in a Pinch

View context about a customer (such as the customer’s email or phone number) in order to identify the customer you want to merge, without having to navigate to a different customer timeline in order to find the correct customer.


Settings Overview Page Deprecation

We have deprecated our Settings Overview Page and have since replaced it with a new and improved Setup Guide that’s cleaner and easier to use.


Faster, More Performant Kustomer Platform Experience

We’re constantly working towards making Kustomer faster and more powerful for our customers. In the past few months, we’ve decreased code execution time by an average of 35%, resulting in faster load times. We’ve also improved the resiliency of data exports, introducing a retry mechanism for stuck tasks and making batch exports more reliable.


Override Default Message Preview for Push Notifications

Prevent confidential chat messages from popping up on your customers’ mobile devices with the ability to override the default chat message preview shown in push notifications.

Leverage Snippets and Dynamic Text in your message preview to deliver personalized engagement, without the risk of exposing sensitive information, such as ePHI.

Learn More


Emoji Picker for Web Chat Users Interacting With Your Agents

Previously available for customers using mobile chat and agents only, the emoji picker is now available for your customers using web chat. This allows them to easily search and send emojis when interacting with your agents, adding more color to the conversation.


Android 2.9.8 & iOS 2.6.1 Available for Chat 2.0

We have made a number of improvements and bug fixes to our mobile SDKs for Chat 2.0, including a detailed color customization guide for iOS and better error logging for Android.

See Changelog


Set Preferred View for Chat Widget

Developers implementing chat can now set a preferred view for web chat and define whether the chat widget displays the Knowledge Base Answers tab (default) or the chat tab when the widget is clicked to open.

See Developer Documentation


Upgraded Code Editor Experience for Knowledge Base Themes

Your development team can now leverage Visual Studio Code when customizing Knowledge Base themes via Code Editor. The VSCode editor allows a fast and smooth coding experience, with modern functionalities such as:

Learn More


Ensure Your Facebook and Instagram Channels Stay Connected With Proactive Notifications

You will now receive automatic, proactive email alerts when your Facebook and Instagram tokens are about to expire so you can reauthorize Facebook and Instagram before they’re disconnected. Notifications will continue to be sent until Facebook or Instagram is reauthenticated.


Improved Consistency for Team Name and Team Display

Now your team display names will consistently appear across the platform to agents, customers, and end-users.

Learn More


CSAT Snippets Improvements for Answers to Multiple Choice Questions

Previously, when snippets were used to populate answers for multiple choice CSAT questions, responses were saved inconsistently across the platform, making it a challenge to collect and report on satisfaction survey data across languages. We’ve since fixed this issue so you can get accurate reporting for your satisfaction survey data regardless of what language your customer took the survey in.

February 2022

Unlock New Data Types in Shortcuts

Admins can now access all KObject data in dynamic text when creating shortcuts to provide more robust personalization when interacting with customers. For example, agents can now utilize order data in shortcuts when responding to end users’ order inquiries.

Learn More


Use Drag-and-Drop to Better Organize Shortcuts

Control the order in which shortcuts and shortcut categories appear in the shortcut popup to make it easier to find your favorite shortcuts quickly.


Disable Attachments in Chat Messages

Manage spam more easily and prevent end users from sharing sensitive materials with the ability to disable attachments in chat messages.

This feature is available for web and mobile SDKs. For mobile, you must be on Android 2.9.6+ or iOS 2.5.4+. Head over to Chat Settings and select the box “Hide Attachments Button” to enable this feature.


Gain Conversation Context and Merge Conversations in a Pinch

Easily merge conversations by searching for another conversation in the subject line. What’s more, gain context about conversations to be merged such as conversation status and date, and the assigned agent.


Ensure Your Facebook and Instagram Channels Stay Connected With Proactive Notifications

You will now receive proactive alerts when your Facebook and Instagram tokens are about to expire, so you can reauthorize Facebook and Instagram before they’re disconnected.


iOS 2.6.0 & Android 2.9.7 Available for Chat 2.0

We have made a number of general improvements and bug fixes to our mobile SDKs for Chat 2.0.

See Changelog


Boost Engagement by Displaying the Number of Unread Chat Messages in Tab/Window

Boost web chat engagement and reduce abandonment with the new showTitleNotifications option available in Kustomer.Start(). Setting the boolean to “true” allows you to display the number of unread chat messages to the tab/window title when the tab/window is not in focus.

See Developer Docs


Platform Design Enhancements for Improved Consistency and Usability

At Kustomer, we make continuous design enhancements across the platform for improved consistency and usability.

We’re excited to share a host of new enhancements:

  • “Save Changes” appears in a sticky footer, rather than as a floating button, for multiple screens in Settings and Reporting pages, for improved consistency and UX
  • We’ve tied floating section elements together with wrappers for a cleaner UI that’s easier to navigate
  • We’ve simplified the UI by removing any lone single tabs

January 2022

Auto-Close and Filter Email Spam Conversations

Great news: we’ve made it easier for you to manage your email spam. Conversations from Block List emails will now be automatically closed and filtered from agents’ inboxes and queues. Your Block List can be found in Spam Filters under Admin Settings.

Learn More

Additionally, agents no longer need to relay spam email addresses to Admins in order to add to the Block List. When an agent marks an email conversation as spam, the email address will be automatically added to the Block List.

Learn More


Future-Proof Your Staffing Needs With Heatmap Standard Report

Effectively inform future staffing needs and ensure agents are best allocated to meet demand with a Heatmap Standard Report that visualizes your organization’s peak hours. Compare inbound conversation volume against KPIs such as first response time and resolution time.

Learn More


Define SLAs by Business Schedule

Meet service level goals across multiple teams and operating hours by associating SLAs with any of your Business Schedules.
Early Access users have seen double-digit percentage improvements to SLA achievement after adjusting their policies.

Learn More


Delete Instagram Comments from Within Kustomer

Streamline agent operations and boost efficiency with the ability to delete Instagram comments directly from the Kustomer platform. Deleting a comment removes it from the customer’s Timeline, as well as on Instagram.

Learn More


Give Customers Access to Conversation History With Customer Portal (Early Access)

Reduce support volume and improve customer experience with a branded customer portal that allows customers to log in to view and respond to conversations across multiple channels from a single interface.

To request Early Access, please fill out this form.

Learn More


Connect Returnly With Kustomer to Effortlessly Manage Returns and Exchanges

Deliver faster, more personalized support and streamline agent workflows with our new turnkey integration with Returnly. See return and exchange information within the Customer Timeline and with one click, jump to view RMA details in your Returnly dashboard.

Learn More


Streamline Search Queries Using the “Is Between” Operator

Save time when creating searches with the ability to use the “is between” operator to define a time range. This eliminates the need to use two different operators: “is on or after” or ”after,” in addition to “is on or before” or ”before”.


Access App Directory from The Navigation Bar

The App Directory has moved from the Settings page into the main navigation bar. Select the apps icon on the main navigation menu to access all things related to apps. The App Directory now includes settings for both channel and non-channel apps.

Note: Any bookmarks or references to the old URL routes will be auto-directed to our new routes beginning on 01/31. No action is required. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to


A Faster Way to Find and Select Email Recipients

Save agents time by allowing them to search for names or emails in To, Cc, and Bcc fields and select email recipients from the results dropdown, without the need to type out full email addresses.

To enable this feature, please head to Settings > Administration > Organization and toggle on Email Recipient Search.


An Easier Way to Set up Queues and Routing

Easily configure queues and routing in just five steps using the new step-by-step wizard experience.

Learn More


Automatically Detect the Chat Platform and Version Customers Are Writing In From

Deliver personalized support experiences and efficiently troubleshoot technical inquiries with the ability to see which platform and version customers are chatting in from within the default Conversation Insights Card.

December 2021

New! Optimize Staffing With Heatmap Standard Report (Early Access)

Effectively inform future staffing needs and ensure agents are best allocated to meet demand with a Heatmap Standard Report that visualizes your organization’s peak hours. Compare inbound conversation volume against KPIs such as first response time and resolution time.

To request Early Access, please fill out this form.

Learn More


Introducing Linked Conversations

Streamline multi-party conversations about the same topic using Linked Conversations. For example, your agent might have two conversations going on about a backordered item — one with the customer and another with a supplier. Using Linked Conversations, your agents can link these conversations together so they can easily get and share updates when the customer reaches out.

Learn More


Route Conversations Based on Assistant ID and Dedicated Agent Attributes

Improve service quality and team efficiency with the ability to set queue rules based on an assigned Dedicated Agent, or Conversation Assistant used.


Allow Apps to Add Shortcuts

The apps platform now supports adding shortcuts as app components. This enables developers to improve efficiencies by adding shortcuts to new apps that can leverage capabilities such as dynamic text with contextual data.

Learn More


System Apps Auto-Update

We’ve added auto-update functionality to our native system apps in the App Directory which include Intelligence, Kustomer standard objects, Kustomer University, Scheduler, Hooks, and AI/Intelligence apps. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to


Search UX Enhancements
  • Save time when creating searches with the ability to use the “is between” operator to define a time range. This eliminates the need to use two different operators: “is on or after” or ”after”, in addition to “is on or before” or ”before”.
  • Find the attributes you’re searching for faster when creating a Search using the new search field in the column picker.
  • Attributes in the column picker dropdown are now alphabetized by default.


Android 2.9.4 Available for Chat 2.0

We have made performance improvements and bug fixes to our mobile SDK for Chat 2.0, including the ability to disable in-app notifications and improved rendering for support articles.

See Changelog

November 2021

Dig Deeper into Queues and Routing Data Using Custom Reports

  • Decrease wait and handle times and optimize staffing with the ability to leverage work-sessions and work-items data in Custom Reports. Compare KPIs across queues and view the report in Live Mode to evaluate queue performance in real-time.
  • We’ve also added 15 new templates to Custom Reports to help you quickly and efficiently add key metrics as seen in the Standard Queue Report and the embedded Agent Metrics table.


Search Performance Enhancements
  • Create more performant queries with the ability to multi-select standard attributes and custom string attributes in Search.
  • Streamline your search with the ability to use ‘is one of’ and ‘is not one of’ filters, rather than multiple ‘is equal to’ or ‘is not equal to’ filters. Updating your searches to utilize these operators can drop execution time by over 50%, meaning faster results for you and your team to take action on.


Inbox UI Enhancements

We’ve made a number of UI improvements to the Inbox, including:

  • More prominent channel icon
  • Timestamp of last message sent displayed in the top right corner of the conversation object
  • Blue dot to indicate unread messages
  • Displaying “You:” before message preview when the user was the last person to send the message
  • Overall modernization of look and feel


iOS 2.5.3 & Android 2.9.3 Available for Chat 2.0

We have made performance improvements and bug fixes to our mobile SDKs for Chat 2.0, including support for article rating and feedback for Android.

See Changelog


Get Started With SMS/WhatsApp Chatbots Faster With Assistant Template Enhancements

Discover best practices for SMS and WhatsApp chatbots, helpful tips on how to get started, chatbot interaction types, and more, with step-by-step instructions in the Assistant Builder.

See Best Practices


Multi-Brand Support for Chat Rules

Increase engagement and boost conversions by triggering Assistants across multiple brands, with the ability to define which brand(s) the Chat Rule responsible for triggering the Assistant applies to.


Set Notifications for Assistant Transferred Chats

Organizations with under 100 agents can turn on notifications for when a chat conversation has been handed off from an Assistant. Notifications are turned off by default.

Learn More About Controlling Notifications


Customize View and Edit Permissions for Conversational Assistant and Intent

Control which Users and Teams can view or edit each Conversational Assistant and Intent with the new Conversational Assistants and Intent sections in Kustomer IQ Permissions settings.


Customize Default Copy in Conversational Assistant Volume Control

Customize the text for automated messages asking for the customer’s phone number and email, in addition to the confirmation message, when no agents are available to support chat inquiries.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the SMS Assistant using a Callable Workflow doesn’t pass customer phone number on to the next Callable Workflow.
  • Fixed an issue where the order of messages sent to the end user was different from the setup in the Assistant builder.

October 2021

Introducing Support for Facebook Wall Post & Ad Comments

Activate social listening to instantly engage prospective buyers, and fuel social commerce with the ability to view and respond to comments left on Facebook wall, posts, and ads directly within Kustomer.

Connect your Facebook Business Page(s) with Kustomer to:

  • Automatically create Conversations in Kustomer when your customers post on your Facebook Wall, comment on Posts, or respond to your Facebook ads.
  • View the post the comment was left on and thread replies into a single conversation.
  • Track KPIs, manage SLAs, and measure customer sentiment on Facebook engagement.

Learn More


New! Chatbots for SMS and WhatsApp

Deliver a highly responsive support experience on WhatsApp and SMS with Conversational Assistant, Kustomer’s CRM-powered chatbots. Available with Kustomer IQ for Self-Service.

  • Accelerate triage by automating routine information collection and routing conversations based on user input and real-time customer data.
  • Automate end-to-end service interactions by connecting to and triggering actions in third party systems.
  • Deliver quick resolution by delegating time-consuming workflows to chatbots and seamlessly escalating high-touch conversations to agents.

Learn More


Boost Engagement With Proactive Chat

Increase engagement and boost conversions by proactively engaging with customers based on attributes such as pages viewed, page URL, VIP status, and more.

Learn More


Manage Forms More Efficiently With Dynamic Form Fields

Save time on creating and managing contact forms and streamline information collection by creating a single form to handle multiple contact scenarios, with the ability to dynamically display fields based on end user responses.

Learn More


Introducing Global Search Enhancements

Search across individual messages on the Timeline using our new Timeline Searching capability.

We’ve also added the following features and functionalities:

  • Conversation results include an indicator of the conversation’s status
  • Customer results include a count of conversations belonging to the target customer
  • Navigate global search results with keyboard arrows
  • Remove individual results from the Recent Customers list
  • The global search results container has been widened to improve usability and readability of results


Improve CSAT by Collecting Extra Feedback Based on Rating

Improve customer satisfaction by gathering detailed, in-the-moment feedback and uncovering opportunities for improvement by asking different follow-up questions based on the satisfaction rating received.

Learn More


Connect Data from Third Party Systems With Data Connect

You no longer need to manually configure or rely on professional service and developers to connect data from third party or proprietary systems to Kustomer. Using the new Data Connect capability, you can easily connect your 3rd party or proprietary data to Kustomer in 5 easy steps.

Learn More


Eliminate Manual Triage with Conversation Classification

Triage, process, and route email conversations without human involvement using Kustomer Conversation Classification. Reduce handle time by automatically predicting and adding conversation attributes such as tags, or contact reason. Decrease response time by prioritizing and routing conversations based on predicted attributes.

Try before you buy with three month free trial offer.

Learn More


iOS 2.5.1 Available for Chat 2.0

We have made a number of improvements and bug fixes to our mobile SDK for Chat 2.0, including:

  • Improved the efficiency and performance of login and authentication.
  • Fixed a bug that was impacting navigating chat via the iOS VoiceOver feature.
  • Fixed a bug where the team logo, name, and greeting message were not displayed after viewing an attachment.

See Changelog


Business Schedule in Business Rules

Use Business Rules to manage support requests during and after business hours. Instead of creating a Workflow, use Business Rules actions to set up automated responses for conversations after business hours.

Learn More


Measure the Success of Your Chatbot Automation With Assistant Report

Measure the impact of chatbots and optimize chatbot operations with real-time insights on conversations that were fully automated, transferred to agents, abandoned by the end user, and more.

Learn More


Track and Visualize Your Knowledge Base Performance

Discover opportunities for improvement and additional content needs using a Knowledge Base Standard Report that tracks search queries, article views and ratings.

Learn More


Optimize Your Knowledge Base Content Roadmap With Article Ratings and Feedback

Measure the efficacy of your internal and external knowledge base content and optimize your content roadmap to boost deflection rate, with the ability to ask readers if an article was helpful and collect additional feedback.

Learn More


Link Internal Articles for Faster Content Discovery

Speed up resolution with the ability to link internal articles to other internal articles by copying article links in the Knowledge Base flyout panel. Linked articles open in a new tab, giving agents the information they need without disrupting their current view.


Integrate RingCentral With Kustomer

Make and receive calls with the RingCentral app as well as automatically build customer profiles within Kustomer. Additionally, easily identify when agents are available in Kustomer with automatic status syncing from RingCentral.

Learn More


Release Notes for Select Apps

View details on app version upgrades directly within a given application’s App Details page to understand what changes were made and which bugs were fixed within a given upgrade.


Preview PDFs Without Downloading the Files

Save time on opening files and prevent agents from downloading potentially sensitive information with the ability to preview PDFs directly within the Kustomer platform.


Include Attachments When Forwarding An Email Conversation

Choose which attachments to include when forwarding an email conversation, without the need to download attachments and re-upload them when forwarding.

All attachments sent by both the agent and the end user can be forwarded.

This was one of top most requested features we implemented based on customer feedback. We’re always eager to hear from our customers — please feel free to submit new feature requests by heading over to Settings > Feature Requests.

Learn More


Read Receipts for Chat Messages Sent by Agents (Available for Web & Mobile SDKs)

See whether the message was delivered and seen by the customer in the Customer Timeline, in addition to the timestamp on hover.

  • This feature is available for outbound messages only, so end users will not be able to see when an agent has read their message.
  • Requirements: Android 2.9.0 & iOS 2.4.8 or above, and Standard Objects 1.8.8 & Chat 1.2.2 or above.

Learn More


View Knowledge Base Articles From Within the Chat Widget in a New Tab

End users reading Knowledge Base articles from within the chat widget can now open them in a new browser tab for easier viewing.

This is available for organizations that have Knowledge Base enabled in Chat Settings and have configured their own custom domain for Knowledge Base.


Display Setting Enhancements for Web Chat Widget

Customize your web chat widget display with new override settings, available for developers during implementation.

The following settings have been added to the Kustomer.start() method:

  • chatIconSize – Currently defaults to 50px. Developers can now specify the size of the widget to be bigger or smaller.
  • chatIconPosition – Currently defaults to the right side of the page. Developers can now override this default to display the widget on the left side of the page.

See Documentation


Set Notifications for Assistant Transferred Chats

Organizations with under 100 agents can now turn on notifications for when a chat conversation has been handed off from an Assistant. Notifications are turned off by default.

Learn More


Conversational Assistant Builder Enhancements

  • Get started with chatbots more quickly with a default Assistant template.
  • See error messages when a Multi-Level List is about to be too big to work in the Assistant, a Dialogue is unliked, or an Action is missing.
  • Drag-and-drop to reorder Interactions within Conditional Branch and Business Schedule blocks, without the need to delete and create new blocks.
  • Added default placeholder copy for Customer Abandoned Conversation, Agent Missed Conversation, and Success and Failure buttons in Article Deflection.


Search Bar Added to API Docs

Find the information you need faster using the new search bar in Kustomer’s API documentation.

See API Documentation


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where timers in Conversational Assistant Volume Control Settings had negative numbers.
  • Fixed an issue where deflection results did not appear in the timeline when using email deflection via Business Rule auto-response.

September 2021

Customize Chatbot Flows Based on Business Hours

Take customers down different paths in your chatbot flow depending on whether the Conversation is occurring within or outside business hours.

Using the new Business Schedule interaction, you can easily configure the Assistant to perform different actions based on your organization’s business hours, such as:

  • Sending different welcome messages and notifying the end user if your business is currently closed
  • Asking for the end user’s name and email address

Learn More


Push Kustomer Conversations into Salesforce in Real Time for Case Creation and Case View

We’ve rolled out enhancements to our Salesforce app that will enable Salesforce admins to create Cases and view Cases in Salesforce to ensure a consistent record of customer interactions across systems.

The updated settings UI will make it easier for admins to self configure these features and set up their Salesforce App. Admins can:

  • Set up the sync into Salesforce so Kustomer Conversations flow into Salesforce in real time.
  • View Cases created from Kustomer Conversations directly in Salesforce on the Case page.
  • View Kustomer Conversations for any messaging channel supported by the Kustomer platform directly in Salesforce.

Learn More


Chart Editor Enhancements for Custom Reports

We’ve updated the Chart Editor experience to make it easier to create Custom Reports.

  • Increased chart template count from 11 to 49.
  • Added search and dropdown for chart categories within the Editor, helping admins find the template they’re looking for faster.

Learn More


Conversational Assistant Enhancements

We’ve released a host of enhancements to make it easier for Admins to create, manage and update the Conversational Assistant.

  • Dialogues with missing links and content are now highlighted in red, with copy clarifying where the error has occurred.
  • The Customer Text Response interaction now supports the option to “Skip question if value exists”.
  • We’ve added an “Unpublished” tag to Conversational Assistants in draft mode, helping admins easily identify published vs. unpublished Assistants on the Assistant page.
  • We’ve clarified the Assistant builder UI to indicate that Dialogues can be created and assigned to an Intent without the need to be linked to other Dialogues.


Android 2.9.0 and iOS 2.4.10 Available for Chat 2.0

We have made a number of improvements and bug fixes to our mobile SDKs for Chat 2.0, including:


  • Updated to retain chat messages older than 30 days.
  • Increased page load speed by adding pagination to the conversation list. The first page displays the first 100 conversations.
  • Fixed an issue where long rating scale labels in CSAT are overlapping.
  • Fixed an issue where the Search icon in an article isn’t responsive.


  • Fixed an issue where Knowledge Base articles are rendering blank.

View Changelog


Copy Direct Links to Messages and Notes

Easily share and navigate to Messages and Notes within a Conversation in the Timeline with the ability to copy direct links.

August 2021

Update Customer and Conversation Attributes Based On Chatbot Interaction

Admins no longer need to set up separate Workflows to update conversation and customer attributes based on chatbot interactions. Using the new ‘Update Data’ capability available on the Conversational Assistant setup page, Admins can easily edit/update attributes related to Conversation and Customer, and automate routine tasks such as:

  • Update a Conversation’s Priority and route it to the correct team
  • Change an Attribute that’s required for closing the Conversation
  • Add Tags and Contact Reasons, and more, without the need to set up Workflows

Learn More


Conversational Assistant UI/UX Enhancements

We released a host of enhancements to make it easy for Admins to create, manage and update the Conversational Assistant. These include the ability to:

  • Add new Intents, edit existing ones, and see which Assistants are using the Intents from the new Intents tab in the Conversational Assistants page.
  • Delete Intents from the menu icon in the Intents tab.
  • Quickly duplicate Dialogues from the menu icon in the Conversational Assistant builder.
  • Easily add Customer ID and Conversation ID to Callable Workflows Interactions from the Dynamic Text list.
  • Dialogue titles no longer appear truncated on the left rail of the Conversational Assistant builder.

Learn More


Workflow Enhancements

  • Workflow conditionals have been redesigned to include more information (3 lines max) and the Workflow icon has been updated to denote when the Workflow node is a condition.
  • Troubleshoot Workflows more easily with the ability to see Workflow names and links in the Audit Log.


New Apps In The Kustomer App Directory

As part of our initiative to productize the most common integrations our customers have requested, we are happy to announce that Recharge & Delighted are now live in the Kustomer App Directory.

Recharge allows agents to view subscription data from the Kustomer timeline and launch the Recharge dashboard where they can take further actions such as modifying subscription frequency, shipping address and more. Learn more

Delighted for NPS
The Delighted integration will automatically create and update customer records when your customers submit an NPS survey and allow agents access to critical voice-of-customer data during their support interactions. Note: At this time, this app supports the NPS use case, not CSAT or CES. Learn more


Additional Updates
  • Important Reminder: End of Support for Chat 1.0 — September 30th, 2021: We’re ending support for Chat SDK 1.0 on September 30th, 2021. If you’re currently using Chat 1.0, we highly recommend you migrate to SDK 2.0 as soon as possible. Migration guides are available in the Chat SDK developer documentation and as a course on Kustomer University. Please don’t hesitate to contact for help.
  • Limited Support Availability: September 27 To September 30, 2021: We’ll be temporarily limiting our support hours from 8am ET to 8pm ET during Kustomer’s company offsite. We will be prioritizing conversations with Business Impact: Critical and High and will get through the rest as soon as we can. We will have 24/7 on call support for critical issues outside of these hours and will revert back to our normal 24/5 coverage following the event. We thank you for your patience with us during that week and apologize in advance for any delays.
  • Faster, More Performant Kustomer Platform Experience: We are constantly working towards making Kustomer faster and more powerful for our customers. To that extent, we’ve made significant improvements to optimize the speed, size, and load time of the Kustomer platform. We’ve decreased the application load time by an average of 54.8% and the time to download images and attachment content by 51.6%. We’ve also made the application bundle size a lot smaller resulting in a 49.3% reduction in total application size.
  • See iOS Chat SDK 2.0 in Action: Learn how to properly implement SDK 2.0 for iOS including login and logout experiences, describe a customer or conversation, and much more using the new Kustomer sample app. Visit our Github repository to see detailed information including code and ReadMe documentation.
  • Quick Start Guide: Chat 2.0 SDK for iOS: Learn how to implement and launch the Kustomer Chat SDK in a simple iOS app using our new step-by-step guide in the developer portal.
  • New Business Rule Auto Response Settings: Customize your Business Rule auto responses at a more granular level with the ability to send auto response to original sender only, plus all recipients in the To field, and/or all recipients in the CC field.
  • Queues and Routing Enhancement: Ensure your customers are accurately matched with agents who speak their language by using the Default Language Attribute in Queue Rules.



Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where agents are stuck in Busy status for longer than the Accept Timeout period and they’re not in a call.
  • Fixed an issue where Audit Log crashes when navigating back and forth from the Business Rules settings page.
  • Fixed an issue where Permission Sets do not allow users to pin KObjects to the Timeline unless they have access to all KObjects.
  • Fixed an issue where Queues and Routing automatic user assignment intermittently fails.
  • Fixed an issue where Snoozed Conversations are taking up capacity.
  • Fixed an issue where the standard Manager Permission Set is unable to create Tags.


July 2021

Trigger Workflows From Conversational Assistant To Maximize Automation and Efficiency

Configure Conversational Assistant to connect and interact with third party systems and Kustomer CRM using the new Callable Workflows capability.

Using this powerful feature you can automate even more customer service interactions, such as checking order status, issuing refunds, updating addresses, and more, and significantly reduce the number of support requests sent to agents.

Unlike typical Workflows that are triggered by an Event (i.e. a Conversation is created), Callable Workflows are triggered by an action.

Learn More


Route Customers to the Same Agent Every Time With Dedicated Agent

Build stronger customer relationships, and boost loyalty and satisfaction by routing customers to the same agent each time they reach out to support using Dedicated Agent.

When Dedicated Agent is enabled and a new Conversation is created, Kustomer will first check to see if that customer has a Dedicated Agent. If they do, Kustomer will then check the status and capacity of the Dedicated Agent and route the Conversation based on the configurations an Admin defines during setup.

With Reroute Timers, Admins can determine per-channel how long a Conversation waits for the Dedicated Agent to become available — from 5 seconds up to 60 minutes — before falling back to standard Queues and Routing rules.

Learn More


Introducing Jira Integration

Link Jira issues to support Conversations in Kustomer using the new Jira app in the App Directory.

  • Quickly find Jira tickets straight from the Jira Insight Card without needing to navigate away from the Conversation.
  • Link a Jira ticket to a specific Kustomer Conversation. Once a ticket is linked, agents can view the ticket’s summary, description, and status.
  • When the linked ticket’s status changes in Jira, agents will automatically see that update in the form of a Note on the Conversation.

Learn More


Kviews & Klasses UX Enhancements

Easily customize KViews with the ability to filter Attributes by Object and add Custom Company and Customer Attributes in the Conversation KView Builder.

Klasses UX Enhancements

  • Filter Attributes by Type (Standard or Custom) and view Total Attribute Count for each Type.
  • Sort Attributes by Type in the new Attribute Type column.
  • Since Standard Attributes cannot be edited or deactivated, the edit toggles have been disabled and a new tooltip has been added.


50% Off Convey x Kustomer integration

Our partner, Convey, is a delivery experience management solution that ensures customers get insight into the entire lifecycle of their orders, in real-time. They are offering a generous discount on the Kustomer x Convey integration through the end of 2021.

Using the Convey for Kustomer integration, you can see updates on shipments including when shipments are predicted to miss their delivery date, when shipments are stalled, damaged or mislabeled, as well as automate proactive communication based upon triggered events.

Don’t wait — Take advantage of this offer today. View the integration in action here.

Have questions? Reach out to


Additional Updates
  • Import and Export Workflows: Easily migrate Workflows from sandbox to production with the ability to import and export Workflows directly from the Workflows page by uploading or downloading Workflows JSON files from your device.
  • Android 2.8.0 for Kustomer Chat 2.0 Available: Several improvements and bug fixes, including support for Android 12, new method to identify when to call ‘login’, additional color customization options, and more. Please note that color customization updates are not backwards compatible, and you must update your color customization app theme when upgrading to this version. View Changelog
  • Navigate Workflow Steps with Arrow Hotkeys: Configure and manage Workflows more easily with the ability to navigate Workflow steps using arrow hotkeys.
  • Edit Legend Titles in Dual Query Charts: Rename legend titles when a dual query chart results in the same title.
  • Control Update Access to User Account Settings: Control whether agents can update information in their user Account settings, such as name, email signature, and phone number, in the Personal section of Permission Sets.
  • Conversational Assistant Editor UI Enhancements: Easily configure new Intents with the ability to see language names, rather than language codes. Find the destination Dialogues you’re looking for faster with typeahead support for redirects, and drag-and-drop to reorder Dialogues within the Assistant editor.
  • Important Reminder: End of Support for Chat 1.0 — September 30th, 2021: If you’re currently using Chat 1.0, we recommend you inform and work with your developers and tech team to migrate to SDK 2.0. Migration guides are available in the Chat SDK developer documentation. Please don’t hesitate to contact for help.


Bug Fixes

Conversational Assistant Editor

  • Fixed an issue where the names of Dialogues a Dialogue redirects from get cut off.
  • Fixed an issue where you cannot reposition Interactions within a Dialogue when scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking ‘B’ or ‘I’ in the text editor do not allow you to bold or italicize text while typing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Welcome dialogue is able to get an Intent assigned when it should not.
  • Fixed an issue where the dropdowns for output parameters in Callable Workflows are too narrow and the Customer and Conversation Attributes cannot be seen.
  • Fixed an issue where hitting enter when typing a keyword to add to an Intent deletes the previous keyword.


  • Fixed a bug where there is no toast notification when a new Attribute is created.


June 2021

Introducing Live Mode, a Real-Time Dashboard for Monitoring Team Performance

Better manage your support organization by tracking team performance in real-time using Live Mode.
Live Mode converts any Custom Report into a live dashboard to help you:

  • Quickly compare KPIs such as response time or resolution time across all channels in a single comprehensive dashboard.
  • Better forecast staffing needs based on inbound volume per queue.
  • Get in-depth visibility into agent performance by visualizing each agent’s contribution to top line metrics such as Satisfaction.

Learn More


Customize View and Edit Permissions for Each Custom Report

Control which Users and Teams view or edit each Custom Report with the new Report Permissions settings.

  • You can set each Custom Report as private or public to users with reporting access, and which users and teams can override these settings.
  • By default, a newly created Custom Reports can be viewed and edited by only the user who created it.

Learn More


Sync Agent Capacity With Amazon Connect

Ensure your agents stay focused on top priority channels for your business with the ability to prevent Amazon Connect calls from routing to agents that are occupied and have no capacity.

  • Create custom statuses in Amazon Connect to correspond to the new “Available – At Capacity” and “Available – Partial Capacity” statuses in Kustomer.
  • Map the Amazon Connect and Kustomer statuses using dropdowns in the Amazon Connect settings page. This allows agents to remain out of the phone queue when they’re at full or partial capacity.


  • Agents cannot set themselves to these new statuses, as statuses set automatically based on the agents’ current conversation load.
  • Please keep in mind that if an agent is always working on routed conversations, they may never receive voice calls.

Learn More


Deactivate Installed Apps With One Click

Deactivate any app installed from the Kustomer App Directory using a toggle in App Settings page.

  • Deactivating an app temporarily removes it from view and turns off any app-created features.
  • Kustomer will continue to display relevant app-created data for your reference, such as Custom Objects and Klasses, but you will not be able to edit them or add new attributes.
  • Kustomer will retain the app settings, so you can reactivate the app using the same settings anytime.

Learn More


Workflows & Permission Sets UX Enhancements


  • If a Scheduled Workflow’s payload is too large, you will now see a message about the payload issue instead of continuously retrying the Workflow.
  • Conditional transition select dropdowns now support Standard Attributes, helping you find what you need faster.

Permission Sets

  • Easily navigate the Edit Permission Set page with alphabetized sub-menus.
  • When Permission Sets are applied, see the exact date and time the allotted 24-hour window ends to be able to revert to the previous version.
  • Users without edit permissions to KObjects can no longer access those objects in the KView Builder.


Additional Updates
  • Expanded Limit for Instagram Messaging Access: Instagram Business accounts with between 1,000 and 100,000 followers can now view and respond to Instagram messages from Kustomer without the need to apply for access. Access for all other account sizes will be rolled out by Facebook; we will keep you updated accordingly.
  • Android Sample App for Kustomer Chat 2.0: Learn how to properly implement login and logout experiences, describe a customer or conversation, and much more. Visit our Github repository to see detailed comments included with the code and ReadMe documentation.
  • Smarter Volume Control for Conversational Assistant: If a chat conversation is transferred to an agent but no agent is available, the Conversational Assistant will ask for the end user’s email address only if it was not collected earlier.
  • Notifications Load up to First 100: We’re improving app performance by loading only the first 100 notifications by default. Click “Load More” in the notifications panel to view earlier notifications.
  • Audit Log Usability Enhancement: See pending items and work items in work session events.
  • Feature Guides for Easier Configuration: Learn how to customize your Kustomer instance with quick access to relevant help articles and Kustomer University videos, directly from settings pages.


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue in the Workflow builder where required/optional parameters remained unchanged when the app is updated.

Queues & Routing

  • Work session updates are no longer clipped, preventing accepted work items from working based on an outdated conversation.

Permission Sets

  • Added a back button to the Permission Sets page in line with current design patterns
  • Fixed an issue where the cancel button in a set was non-responsive
  • Fixed an issue where a user could hit “Save Changes” twice quickly, creating two of the same Permission Set
  • Fixed an issue where Permission Set copies of Manager/Content Admin roles received a 404 when clicking on “Add New SLA”
  • Fixed an issue where copied User Permission Sets did not grant access to search previews
  • Set the “Save Changes” button to be disabled if no changes are made
  • Removed tooltips that presented redundant information and made additional copy updates for clarity and simplicity.

Business Rules

  • Fixed an issue where @mentions from business rules did not trigger personal notifications


May 2021

Schedule Recurring Data Exports

Configure your exports to run daily, weekly, or monthly and ensure that you always have up-to-date data for external analysis. Additionally, track the status of your one-time Search exports in the Data Exports page.

Learn More


Keyword Based Intent Detection for Conversational Assistant

Eliminate manual triage and deliver fast resolution by automatically detecting and routing Conversations based on customer intent using the latest keyword based intent detection for Conversational Assistant.

  • Easily create and manage multiple intents using ‘Create Intent’ on the Conversational Assistant setup page.
  • Start by creating an Intent Name, selecting the language, and adding keywords. For instance, if you want to identify all Conversations associated with ‘refunds’, the keywords could be: “refunds”, “refund”, and “money back”.
  • Next, add an interaction and toggle on “Understand Intents” to allow the interaction to listen for keywords. Note: only the Customer Text Response and Knowledge Base Deflection interactions can listen for intent.
  • You can now go ahead and create additional Conversational Assistant dialogues for each Intent. When one of the keywords is detected in a customer’s reply, the customer will be automatically routed to the corresponding dialogue.

Learn More


IMPORTANT: New Browser Requirements for Agent Access to Kustomer – June 30th, 2021

Kustomer’s browser requirements ensure optimal performance while using Kustomer. Starting on June 30th, 2021, Kustomer will support only the two latest major versions from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

Users who are not using an up-to-date browser will be prompted to select the browser they prefer and complete the upgrade before they are able to log in to Kustomer. We recommend that you inform team members and agents to prepare for an upgrade if needed.

Please feel free to contact or your Customer Success Manager with any questions.


Kustomer Chat 2.0 Enhancements
  • Assistant Run Time Excluded From First Response Time: Kustomer now begins calculating first response time when the Assistant has transferred the conversation to an agent, not when the conversation was first created.
  • Android 2.6.1 & iOS 2.4.1 Available: Several improvements and bug fixes, including better render performance, user experience, and overall consistency for the chat UI. View Changelog
  • Quick Start Guide for Android: Learn how to implement and launch the Kustomer Chat SDK in a simple Android app using our new step-by-step guide in the developer portal. Check Out Guide

Important Reminder: End of Support for Chat 1.0 — September 30th, 2021
If you’re currently using Chat 1.0, we recommend you inform and work with your developers and tech team to start planning the migration to SDK 2.0. Migration guides are available in the Chat SDK developer documentation. Please don’t hesitate to contact or your Customer Success Manager for help.


Select Multiple Conversation Tags from Search

Quickly and efficiently categorize conversations with the ability to add multiple tags from a single search.


Filter and Segment Reports by Brand Attribute

Measure performance, track SLAs and customer sentiment, and identify areas for improvement for each brand with the ability to segment Custom Reports and filter Standard Reports by brand.


See the Features Each App Adds to Your Kustomer Instance

See the features each app adds to your Kustomer instance and how your Klasses, workflows, webhooks, and timeline layouts will be affected in the new Features tab in app listings.

Once the app is installed, clicking on each feature detail will take you directly to the part of your instance where the feature has been enabled.

Learn More


Additional Updates
  • Limited Public Access to Instagram Messaging Support: Instagram Business accounts with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers can view and respond to Instagram messages from Kustomer without the need to apply for access. Access for all other account sizes will be rolled out by Facebook; we will keep you updated accordingly.
  • Workflows UX Enhancements: Clear logs while debugging and collapse parameters in the workflows builder to simplify your workspace. Find what you’re looking for faster with searchable steps and scheduled workflows filter for trigger types.
  • Knowledge Base UX Enhancements: In the article editor, see the names of individuals when hovering on their avatars. In the article list, see the name and avatar of the individual who most recently updated the article, instead of the original author’s.
  • Search Criteria Stored Until Explicitly Removed: Search criteria is now saved when you navigate to another part of the platform until you clear all search filters.
  • See Which SLAs Have Active Alerts: Understand at-a-glance which policies have active SLA alerts on the Service Level Agreement page.


April 2021

Prevent SLA Breaches with In-App Notifications for At Risk Conversations

Ensure you’re providing consistent support to customers with the ability to configure and send in-app notifications to select users and teams when conversations are at risk of breaching SLAs.

  • Alerts are sent via a pop-up notification and can be reviewed in the Notifications bell in the header navigation.
  • When a user clicks on the notification, they will be taken to a search displaying the at risk conversation(s), helping the user quickly resolve the issues at hand and re-prioritize their workload as needed.

Learn More


Introducing Object Selector for Conversational Assistant & Other Chat 2.0 Enhancements

Deliver instant resolution and enable end-to-end service automation by integrating custom objects into your Conversational Assistant flow.

  • The new Object Selector interaction in the Conversational Assistant builder allows you to display to authenticated customers a carousel of up to three most recent objects created for the Klass you choose, such as recent orders.
  • Once the customer selects one of the objects, you’ll be able to use Custom Klass Attributes as dynamic variables in subsequent messages to provide useful information such as order status, shipping URL, and more, to resolve the inquiry without involving an agent.

Learn More

  • Push Notifications for Chat 2.0: Configure push notifications for both iOS and Android on your own in Chat Settings, without the need to reach out to the Kustomer support team. Read Developer Guide
  • Android 2.5.0 and iOS 2.3.1 Available: Several improvements and bug fixes, including better error handling and support for the Object Selector interaction. View Changelog
  • Reminder: End of Support for Chat 1.0 — September 30th, 2021: If you’re currently using Chat 1.0, we recommend you inform and work with your developers and tech team to start planning the migration to SDK 2.0. Migration guides are available in the Chat SDK developer documentation. Please don’t hesitate to contact or your Customer Success Manager for help.


Standard Attribute Support for Conditionally Required Attributes (CRAs)

You can now use standard attributes in configuring conditionally required attributes in the Insights Card visual drag and drop editor.

For instance:

  • If “Assigned Team” = “Customer Success”, display & require custom attribute “Account Manager” via user picker
  • If “Assigned Team” = “Technical Support”, display & require custom attribute “Technical issue type” via multi level lists
  • If “Queue” = “Billing”, display & require custom attribute “Payment Plan”

Note: The following standard attributes can only be used as controlling CRAs, meaning that setting the attributes can conditionally display other attributes but the standard attributes themselves cannot be dependent on others:

  • Status, substatus, tags, assigned users, assigned teams, priority

Learn More


Introducing Seasonal Seats

Effortlessly manage seasonal spikes in support volume with Seasonal users.

  • Active for a set period of time, Seasonal users can access the same features and functionalities as Full-Time users and will be automatically deactivated when the season is over.
  • Admins can assign users to seasons, view season windows and number of seats available for each season in the Users and Manage Subscription pages.
  • To add Seasonal users, please contact your Customer Success Manager or account contact, or email

Learn More


Keep Track of Key Performance Metrics with New Custom Report Chart Type

Quickly get signal on your most important metrics with the new KPI Card chart type in Custom Reports. These easy to drag-and-drop charts allow you to compare metrics to the previous period and understand at-a-glance if performance is moving in the right direction.

Learn More


Kustomer Support Now Available 24/5 Globally

In the last few months, we have made significant changes to deliver fast, efficient support to customers around the world. We’re excited to share that we now offer 24/5 global support, from Sundays at 6pm ET through Fridays at 9pm ET.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post that showcases what we’ve been working on to help improve our customer experience and what we plan to do next.


Additional Updates
  • Facebook and Instagram Messenger Handle Limit Increase: You can now connect up to 50 handles across Facebook and Instagram on both Enterprise and Ultimate plans. For Instagram Direct Messaging support, please begin by filling out this form.
  • Paste Multiple Email Addresses: Save time by pasting multiple addresses into To, CC, and BCC fields in email conversations.
  • Knowledge Base Search Enhancement: Return results similar to the search query, even if the term was misspelled or has a unique, brand-specific spelling.
  • Queues and Routing UX Enhancements: Duplicate queue rules, use search in Rules settings, and find the queues you’re looking for faster with queue status filters and sort orders.
  • Workflows UX Enhancements: Update conversation create and update actions using brand attributes, use input dropdowns for conditional custom fields, and turn logs live by default when expanded with the latest Workflows enhancements.
  • Conversation Classification: Segment by Prediction Status and Agent to measure prediction performance and track which agents make the most corrections.
  • Agent Suggestions: Segment by Shortcuts and Agents to see most frequently applied shortcuts and usage by agent. Control which teams and users have access to suggested shortcuts in the Agent Suggestions settings page.


March 2021

Meet Kustomer University, an On-Demand Learning Platform

Meet Kustomer University, an On-Demand Learning Platform

We’re excited to announce the launch of Kustomer University to help you and your team master Kustomer. From product tours to advanced configurations and best practices, Kustomer University offers a series of guided programs and courses to help you set up a world class support organization and deliver best-in-class customer experiences.

Visit Kustomer University today and get instant access to:

  • Guided programs and certifications for admins to learn everything they need to know about managing the Kustomer instance
  • Pre-built courses for agents to jumpstart onboarding and learn best practices for supporting customers using the platform
  • Deep dive courses on configuring omnichannel experiences, team management, maintaining efficiency and advanced customization
  • Live and on-demand events to continuously improve and advance your knowledge of Kustomer

Get Started


Introducing Knowledge Base Visual Builder and Redesigned Default Template

Introducing Knowledge Base Visual Builder and Redesigned Default Template

Build and launch your help center without needing to edit any code with our new visual theme builder.

  • Multi-brand support: If you have multiple brands configured, you can have a different theme for each knowledge base, ensuring that each brand delivers its own unique experience.
  • Theme versioning: Versioning makes it simple to track all of your theme changes and switch between different versions, as needed.
  • Theme sections: Each theme is divided into separate home page sections that you can customize to your liking including an announcement bar, category icons, category grid search, featured articles and contact us.

Learn More


Customize Email Templates Without Editing Code

Customize the design and content of your email replies, auto responses, CSAT surveys, and forwarded emails with easy-to-use visual builder.

  • Set default email templates for individual teams and for your entire organization
  • Insert dynamic text to scale and customize content for email signatures, greetings, and more
    Save and manage multiple versions of each email template

Learn More


Explore the Data Powering Your Standard Reports

Explore the Data Powering Your Standard Reports

Drill down on data points in Team, Deflection, and SLA report charts or tables to see the conversations, customers, or custom objects used to calculate your metrics. With one click, jump to view the data on a customer’s Timeline or explore your results in Search.

Learn More


Search Conversations Based on Brand Relationships

Search Conversations Based on Brand Relationships

If you manage multiple brands, you can now Search conversations on your brand relationships to narrow down results.

Learn More


API Documentation Migration

API Documentation Migration

Access API docs from the Kustomer Developer Portal, and try out API requests directly from the docs or run the collection in Postman.

  • Starting on April 19th, 2021, the previous API docs page will redirect to the latest docs in the Developer Portal.
  • Attend our Kustomer Live! training webinar this Thursday to learn more about Kustomer’s APIs and documentation.

Visit Developer Portal


Introducing Salesforce Lite and an Easier Way to Connect with Zapier

Introducing Salesforce Lite and an Easier Way to Connect with Zapier

Salesforce Lite
Give your support and sales teams a more complete picture of customers with the first iteration of our turnkey integration with Salesforce.

  • Available in the App Directory, Salesforce Lite adds a Salesforce Insight Card that appears automatically when looking at a Customer or Conversation in the timeline.
  • Display Salesforce objects including Account, Contact, Opportunity, and Lead Information.
  • Currently, the app shows only Salesforce data within Kustomer, and not vice versa.

Learn More

Connect Kustomer with Zapier through OAuth Provider, without the need to enter an API key.

Learn More


Conditional Branch and Business Rules Support for Conversational Assistant

Conditional Branch and Business Rules Support for Conversational Assistant

Introducing Conditional Branch
Drive contextualized automations at scale using Conditional Branch based on conversation and customer data for Conversation Assistant.

  • Set up various conditions at any point in your conversation flow to direct customers to another interaction or dialog
  • For instance, you can use branching to create separate responses based on the customer’s email address or VIP status

Learn More

Conversational Assistant Status in Business Rules Criteria
Leverage Conversational Assistant status in Business Rules criteria to automate routine tasks and processes.


Customize Permission Sets to Control Object Level Edit Access

Customize Permission Sets to Control Object Level Edit Access

Control edit access to customer, company, and conversation objects with the option to hide the edit modal from select users and teams.

Learn More


Kview Builder UX Enhancements

Kview Builder UX Enhancements

Improved visibility for conditionally required attributes: See attributes and conditions configured with conditionally required attributes on hover.

  • Duplicate context cards: Save time on configuring Insight Cards with the ability to duplicate context cards in the builder.
  • Attribute search bar: Find attributes in Klasses faster using the new search capability for Attributes.


Conditionally Required Attributes & Customer Picker Enhancements

Conditionally Required Attributes & Customer Picker Enhancements

  • Self-pointing: Conditionally required attributes can now be self-pointing, meaning that an attribute will conditionally display only if the attribute is set. For instance, you can have the VIP attribute display only when the VIP attribute is set.
  • Case sensitivity: Conditionally required attributes are no longer case sensitive.
  • Typeahead support: Find the attribute or customer you’re looking for faster with typeahead support for conditionally required attributes and customer picker attributes.


Keep Complex Workflows Organized with Step Descriptions

Keep Complex Workflows Organized with Step Descriptions

Keep track of the intention of each step in your workflow with the ability to add descriptions.


More Ways to Customize Your Notification Settings

To give you greater freedom in customizing your notifications, “A Message is sent by a Customer I follow or to a Conversation I’m assigned” has been separated into two.

You can now configure separate notifications for:

  • When “A message is sent by a Customer I follow”
  • When “A message is sent for a Conversation I’m assigned”.
  • Notifications for both will be turned off by default.

We recommend that your team and you review and update your Notification Settings to ensure that they reflect your preferences.

Learn More


Android 2.4.1 and iOS 2.1.1 Now Available for Chat 2.0

We have made a number of improvements and bug fixes to our mobile SDKs, including:


  • Improved consistency for “New Conversation” button behavior
  • Improved intermittent network handling for chat messages
  • Improved handling for server downtimes


  • Improved xcframework compatibility
  • Improved chat UI for consistency with Android
  • Improved conversational assistant support for agent interruption

We highly recommend that you download these latest versions of mobile SDKs. Please reach out to or your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.

View Changelog


Manage Access to Your Kustomer Instance with Kustomer Access Settings

Manage Access to Your Kustomer Instance with Kustomer Access Settings

Monitor and manage access to your Kustomer instance with the new Kustomer Access page in Settings.

For Ultimate & Enterprise Plans
Grant the Kustomer Support Team access to your Kustomer instance using a toggle for efficient technical support.

For Ultimate Plans Only

  • Ensure that your Kustomer instance is accessible only through secure terminals by setting allowed IP ranges.
  • Monitor Kustomer Access events and IP address access in audit logs.

Learn More


Conversation Classification (Previously Intent Identification) Filter Enhancements

Select the most relevant training data for classifying conversations with added filter capabilities for Conversation Classification.

  • Go beyond the “Match ALL” condition with “Match ANY of the following” to filter your data.
  • Select conversations updated or created within a certain time period using the “Created at/Updated at” operators.


Kustomer IQ Observability Enhancements

Kustomer IQ Observability Enhancements

Track the efficiency of your automations with the ability to search and report on Conversation Classification and Agent Suggestions.

  • Conversation Classification: Explore automated conversations, predictions, corrections, and skipped predictions in Custom Reports and create Searches using the same filters.
  • Agent Suggestions: See how often suggestions were made and applied, and suggestions usage by agent in Custom Reports as well as Search.


February 2021

Find Conversations Faster With Timeline Pinning and Conversation Sub Status


An Easier Way to Import Past Shopify Orders

Easily import orders from your Shopify store to Kustomer using the latest ‘Import Orders’ capability for Shopify.

  • Quick three-step process to get started. No engineering help or additional development needed.
  • Once connected, all future orders will automatically be routed into Kustomer.
  • Add and import orders from multiple Shopify stores.
  • Track the progress of your import using color-coded status badges.

Learn More


Conversational Assistant Enhancements for Kustomer Chat 2.0

  • Dynamic variables in Conversational Assistant messages: Personalize your messages with dynamic variables for Customer and Conversation attributes.
  • New Assistant status — “Interrupted”: Instead of waiting for the customer to complete the Conversational Assistant path, agents can now interrupt the chat conversation by sending a message.
  • Automatically end conversations: The “End Interaction” in the Assistant Dialog now automatically marks a conversation done, without the need to create a Workflow or Business Rule.


Android 2.4.0 and iOS 2.0.7 Now Available for Chat 2.0

We have made a number of improvements and bug fixes to our mobile SDKs, including:


  • Improved error logs to print stack traces by default.
  • Improved error messaging and user experience for connectivity issues.
  • Updated behavior for the New Conversation and file attachment buttons.


  • Improved error messaging and user experience for connectivity issues.
  • Improved consistency for isChatAvailable method.

We highly recommend that you download these latest versions of mobile SDKs. Please reach out to or your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.

View Changelog


Introducing Kustomer App Marketplace & Developer Platform

Kustomer App Marketplace is a full ecosystem of apps and integrations that can be easily added to the Kustomer platform for unified CX operations.

Choose from 65+ plug-and-play apps and integrations or build your own app to connect all your tools, processes, and data to Kustomer, and streamline your CX tech stack.

  • Check out the App Directory section under Settings to view the turnkey apps across voice, SMS, social, ecommerce, marketing and more available to install and use today.
  • If you are interested in building a custom app or integration, start by reading the Kustomer Apps documentation and filling out our developer form.

Learn More


Reminder: End of Support for Chat 1.0 — September 30th, 2021

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of Kustomer Chat 2.0 — a brand new, next-generation mobile and web SDKs. As a reminder, we will be ending support for Chat 1.0 mobile and web SDKs on September 30th, 2021. If you’re currently using Chat 1.0, we recommend you inform and work with your developers and tech team to start planning the migration to SDK 2.0.

Migration guides are available in the Chat SDK developer documentation. Please don’t hesitate to contact or your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions or concerns.


Explore the Data Powering Your Standard Reports

Drill down on data points in your Standard Report charts or tables to see the conversations, customers, or custom objects used to calculate your metrics. With one click, jump to view the data on a customer’s Timeline or explore your results in Search.

Learn More


Easily Copy Charts Across Custom Reports

Save time when building reports using the new ‘Copy Chart To” function. Copy any of your Custom Reports charts to a new or existing report.


Specify Your Search to the Exact Time of Day

Track Conversations down to the minute. The date criteria in Search now supports the time of day, giving you greater control in defining your Search.


Enrich Your Data With Customer and User Picker Attributes

Use the User Picker attribute to select any user from your organization and assign custom roles, such as Custom Success Manager or Account Manager. Use the Customer Picker attribute to select any customer and assign roles such as Referral Partner.

User and Customer Picker attributes can be used across Business Rules, Queues and Routing, Search, SLAs, and Workflows in Kustomer.

Learn More


Business Rule Enhancements

  • New action attribute: Automatically notify team members and facilitate faster escalations by adding @mentions for users and teams in Business Rules.
  • Usability improvement: Some Business Rule Actions can be negated when the criteria changes. For example, if you change the Trigger and make the Rule run on all updates, the Action can no longer be able to send an automated message. Now, a warning modal will appear when the changed criteria negates the preconfigured Action.


Easily Reset or Delete Your Knowledge Base Custom Domain

Reset the domain certificate or completely delete a custom domain from your Knowledge Base using the new setting ‘reset’ and ‘delete’ feature from the Knowledge Base Configuration page. You no longer need to contact Kustomer Support to help you with these actions.

Learn More


A Simpler Way to Customize Chat Icons

Easily customize the chat icon that opens the chat widget on your app and website and team logo at the top of the widget. In addition to adding an image URL, you can now upload or drag-and-drop an image from your computer to update the icon designs.

Learn More


New Queue Rules Enhancements

  • Track and manage capacity with a new usage indicator for Rules.
  • Conversation Counts can now be used as a condition in Queue Rules.
  • New checks and balances for manual reassignment of conversations: The ability to reassign the conversation to a specific agent will be automatically blocked for manual transfers to ensure proper routing.


Filter Audit Log by Shortcut Name

Quickly navigate your revision history with the ability to filter your Audit Log by Shortcut Name.

January 2021

Introducing AI-Powered Agent Suggestions (Available With Kustomer IQ for Agents)

Agent Suggestions

Support agents in their moment of need, eliminate guesswork and accelerate triage by deploying self-learning AI models that predict agent responses based on historical conversation data.

Agent Suggestions uses state-of-the-art natural language processing to analyze inbound email conversations in real-time and recommend shortcuts that agents can instantly apply to replies with one click.

Learn More


Simplify the Agent View With Conditionally Required Attributes

Conditionally Required Attributes

By popular request, we’ve released conditional attributes, which are custom attributes that display only if the value of another attribute is set. Conditional attributes declutter the agent view, keeping agents focused on the attributes that are relevant to their current conversation.

For conditional attributes that appear in Insights Panel Details, you can also require that the value of the conditional attribute be set before a conversation can be marked as done to ensure consistency across conversation data.

  • Easily set conditional attributes to display in the Insights Panel Details or Insight Card Details using the drag-and-drop builder.
  • Conditional attributes are supported on the conversation object only.
  • Conditional attributes can be required only when displayed in Insights Panel Details.

Learn More


Visualize the Composition of Your Data Using Stacked Area Charts

Stacked Area Charts

Track trends and progress over time and easily understand how each part contributes to the whole of your dataset using stacked area charts in Custom Reports.

Create stacked area charts using the Chart Editor to understand metrics such as the total number of conversations by assigned agent or closed conversations by customer sentiment.

Learn More About Custom Report Chart Types


Automatically Attach Files to Conversations With Shortcuts

Shortcut Attachments

By popular request, we’ve introduced the ability to add attachments to shortcuts. When agents select the shortcut, the attachment will be automatically uploaded and applied to the agent’s draft, helping the agent save time on manual uploads.


Saved Filter Views in Team Pulse

Saved Filter Views in Team Pulse

Save a set of filter criteria and easily find the data you need on agents’ real-time activity using Saved Filter Views for Team Pulse.

  • Saved Filter Views are stored at the user level, so only you’ll see the filter sets you’ve saved
  • With this release, we’ve also updated the Team Pulse filter component to allow for multi-select on all filter attributes

Learn More


Dive Deeper into Data by Duplicating Custom Charts and Tables

Duplicate charts

Instantly duplicate any chart or table in Custom Reports and further explore your data without the need to create the same chart or table from scratch.


Schedule Knowledge Base Articles

Schedule Knowledge Base

Ensure that your content is always published at the right time and day, even when you’re away from your desk, by scheduling knowledge base articles.

Easily manage your publishing schedule using the Filter by Schedule dropdown menu on the Articles page, and update or delete publishing schedules directly within the articles.

Learn More


Filter Customer Timeline by Object Type

Filter Customer Timeline

Find what you need in the Customer Timeline faster with the ability to filter by object type. Reset all filters quickly by clicking the X on the left side of the filters.


An Easier Way to Configure Your Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base Configuration Logo & Favicon

You can now upload images to update your Knowledge Base logo and favicon, rather than having to copy and paste in the image URL. Image size guidelines are available in the description of each field for easy access.

December 2020

Introducing New & Improved Kustomer Chat 2.0

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of Kustomer Chat 2.0 — a brand new, next-generation mobile and web SDKs. Built in modern programming languages, Chat 2.0 is packed with new features to help you deliver best-in-class conversational experiences that customers love while optimizing team efficiency. New features include:

  • In-App & Push Notifications: Reduce abandonment and churn by using in-app and push notifications to instantly notify customers when there is a response from an agent.
  • Embedded Knowledge Base: Enable quick access to FAQs and self-service with embedded AI-powered Knowledge Base that can now be accessed from within the chat widget.
  • Branching Logic for the Conversational Assistant: Accelerate triage by automating gathering relevant information upfront and instantly routing conversations based on customer response using the new branching capability for the Conversational Assistant.
  • Multi-Brand Chat Experience: Admins can manage unique settings across multiple brands and create brand-specific experiences including branding, styles, Conversational Assistant flows, and more with the help of a developer.
  • Build Your Own Mobile Chat UI: Create your own mobile chat user interface using new developer tools and configurations for iOS and Android apps.
  • Targeted CSAT surveys: Customize who receives CSAT surveys and collect in-the-moment feedback by triggering surveys based on customer attributes.
  • Enhanced Speed and Performance: Written in modern programming languages such as Swift and Kotlin for mobile, and major code improvements including 70% lighter SDKs, simplified code, and iFrame implementation for the websites, the new Chat 2.0 SDKs deliver enhanced performance and reliability.
  • Support for the popular Dark Mode (for mobile) and Landscape Mode.
  • Please note: Proactive Messaging and Estimated Wait Time are currently not supported in Chat 2.0.

More about Kustomer Chat 2.0

IMPORTANT: Chat 1.0 Mobile & Web SDKs Deprecation — September 30th, 2021

Please note that we will be ending support for Chat 1.0 mobile and web SDKs on September 30th, 2021. We recommend you inform and work with your developers and tech team to start planning the migration to SDK 2.0.

View the migration guides available in the Chat SDK developer documentation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact or your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions or concerns.


Kustomer Receives ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security Management

At Kustomer, we’re committed to protecting your data and meeting the highest level of security standards. We’re pleased to share that Kustomer is now certified to ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). This certification demonstrates our leadership’s commitment to continuously monitoring and advancing our security protocols.

Learn More About ISO 27001


Explore the Data Powering Your Custom Reports

Drill down on data points in your Custom Report charts or tables to see the conversations, customers, or custom objects used to calculate your metrics. With one click, jump to view the data on a customer’s Timeline or explore your results in Search.

Learn More


Introducing Kustomer Glossary

Improve Internal Communication and Facilitate Training With the Kustomer Glossary Inline
View a comprehensive list and definitions of terms within Kustomer using the new Kustomer Glossary available in the Kustomer Help Center.

Visit Kustomer Glossary


More Apps To Unify Your Support Channels

GIPHY Inline

To make it easier for you to streamline service operations and unify all support channels into a single platform, we’ve released turnkey integrations with platforms and apps across multiple categories.

  • Feedback & Engagement: Collect customer feedback by sending automated surveys from SurveyMonkey and Stella Connect and review requests from Yotpo and Stamped. Engage the modern consumer, and showcase the personality of your brand by embedding GIFs from GIPHY in email and chat conversations.
  • Productivity: Support your agents in their moment of need and reduce handle time using Shelf’s Knowledge Base and AI-powered Agent Assist. Connect two or more apps and automate repetitive tasks using Zapier. View customer meeting information details in the Kustomer Timeline using Calendly.
  • Voice: Provide seamless, context-rich voice support by connecting your cloud contact center apps including Five9, 8×8, Talkdesk, and Dialpad with Kustomer.
  • Marketing: Execute intelligent growth and retention campaigns by connecting your Kustomer platform with Klaviyo, BigCommerce, and LoyaltyLion. Enrich customer data with Clearbit and track demos, calls, and meetings within the Kustomer Timeline using Gong.


Dig Deeper Into Data With Time Interval Dropdowns in Standard Reports

Dig Deeper Into Data With Time Interval Dropdowns in Standard Reports Inline

Easily adjust the time range of every data visualization in Standard Reports using the time interval dropdown.


A More Convenient Way to Edit Insight Card Details

Insight Context Card Editor Inline

No more editing code! Customize Insight Card Details using the drag-and-drop builder instead of the Advanced Code Editor.

Learn More


Activate or Deactivate Business Rules on the Edit Business Rule Page

Business Rules Inline

Easily activate or deactivate a Business Rule from the Edit Business Rule page, without the need to go back to the main Business Rules page.

Learn More


Audit Log Enhancements

Audit Log Enhancements Inline

  • Klass editor UI improvement: Save space and find the attributes you’re looking for faster with the option to Expand All or Collapse All multi-level lists in the Klass editor.
  • Work Session filter: Filter Audit Log results by Work Session to track changes in agent status determined by queues and routing.


Coming Soon: AI-Powered Agent Suggestions

Support agents in their moment of need, eliminate guesswork and accelerate triage by deploying self-learning AI models that learn from historical conversation data and recommend shortcuts agents can use to reply to email conversations.

November 2020

Introducing: Instagram Public Comments

Introducing Instagram Public Comments

Support your customers, followers, and influencers in their moment of need and increase conversions using Kustomer’s support for Instagram Public Comments.

  • Once you’ve connected your Instagram account to Kustomer, top level Comments on your public posts will be used to create Conversations.
  • Agents can respond to top level Public Comments directly from within the Kustomer platform.
  • Instagram Public Comments support is available to all brands that have a business Instagram account.
  • Note: Direct Messaging Support is available only through our Early Access Program. Apply here.

Learn more


Turnkey Integrations for Voice Apps

You no longer need a developer or manually create Workflows to connect AirCall and UJET to Kustomer. Save time and resources using turnkey integrations now available in the App Directory.

Coming soon: Additional voice apps — Dialpaid, Five9, and Talkdesk — will be available for easy integration.


Automatically Update Company Data using Business Rules

Update company attributes such as number of employees, headquarters location, and revenue, in addition to any custom attributes you have created.

Learn more


See Workflows Capacity at a Glance

See Workflows Capacity at a Glance

Have greater visibility into your Workflows usage by:

  • Quickly seeing which Workflows are currently activated, deactivated, or experiencing errors directly in the Status dropdown.
  • Understanding the total number of Workflows that are available for use via ‘Enabled Workflows Remaining’ tooltip.


Boost Agent Productivity with Improved Keyboard Shortcuts for Routed Conversations

Keyboard Shortcuts

Agents can quickly navigate and toggle between Conversations they’re working on using new ‘’View Customer Navigation’ keyboard shortcuts.

Learn more


Audit Log Enhancements

Audit Logs Enhancements

  • Merge actions for Conversations: See the ID of the Conversation that was merged, in addition to the name of the Conversation it merged with.
  • Business Rules creation and deletion: See the who, where, and when behind every Business Rules creation and deletion.


A Simpler Way to Connect FullStory with Kustomer

FullStory Integration

FullStory captures page views and clicks that your users make on your site and logs them as a session. You can then replay the session and share it with other members of your organization to troubleshoot errors users encountered on your site.

You can now connect FullStory to your Kustomer platform on your own without technical support or creation of Workflows. Easily access your FullStory dashboard and copy session links with one click.


Intent Identification Enhancements (Kustomer IQ Plus and Standard Only)

Intent Identification Enhancements (Kustomer IQ Plus and Standard Only)

Set up your Prediction with greater control and better track automation events with the following releases:

  • Confidence Level dropdown: Depending on the purpose of your Prediction, you may want to adjust your Confidence Level and optimize for prediction accuracy, or the amount of data that the Prediction can apply to. You can now select the Confidence Level that best fits your use case from the dropdown.
  • Use Business Rules to set up predictions: Trigger Intent Identification using Business Rules, without the need to set up a Workflow or seek help from developers.
  • View automation events in the Timeline: See exactly when a value was automatically predicted.

Learn more about Intent Identification

October 2020

Introducing: Instagram Messaging Integration — Early Access

Take advantage of rapid growth in social communications and commerce by engaging with followers, connecting influencer-driven conversations to company experts, and resolving issues quickly, using Kustomer’s latest Instagram Messaging integration.

As one of Facebook’s premier partners to enable Instagram Messaging as a channel of support from Kustomer, you can use this integration to:

  • Respond to Direct Messages, Story Mentions, and Story Replies directly from the Kustomer platform
  • View Instagram conversations in the Customer Timeline
  • Leverage intelligent routing, automation and artificial intelligence to scale support
  • Track KPIs, manage SLAs, and measure customer sentiment

Interested in early access? Fill out this form, and someone from our team will be in touch. Please note that access to the Instagram Messaging Integration is limited and subject to approval from Facebook.

Coming Soon — Instagram Comments Support
Soon you’ll be able to reply to top-level Instagram Comments from the Kustomer Platform. More information to follow.

Learn more


Chatbots for Facebook Messenger Support (Available with Kustomer IQ Plus)

Deliver instant responses, eliminate repetitive workflows, and provide faster resolution to your Facebook users by integrating bots into your customer service workflows. You can integrate bots powered by Kustomer IQ Plus or any third party bot provider.

Note: This integration is available with Kustomer IQ Plus only.


Audit Log Enhancements

Track routing events at a more granular level with these new activity and event additions:

  • Agent Status and Capacity: See when an Agent became Available for a Work Session and how much Capacity they had left after a conversation was routed to them.
  • Ended Reason: See which side ended the Conversation — the customer, agent, or routing rule.
  • Label for Voice: Ensure proper Voice routing with the label “IVR”. Routing for all other, non-Voice channels will be labeled “New”.
  • Copyable ID Values: With one click, copy ID values in the Before and After columns for easy sharing and seamless triaging.

We’ve also improved the user interface to help you save space and find what you’re looking for faster.

  • If you’ve set routed conversations to be automatically assigned to agents, routing events “Accepted” and “Assigned To” will appear in a single row, rather than two.
  • You can now expand more than one row at a time for smoother investigation.

Learn more


Take a Deeper Dive into Data with Multi-Query Charts

Understand how different metrics correlate with one another with the ability to add a second query in the Chart Editor.

Multi-query charts help you see patterns in your data and answer questions such as:

  • How first response time influences your satisfaction rating
  • How the daily inbound volume compares to the resolved conversation volume

Learn more


Status Duration in Team Pulse

Identify in real-time which agents need attention with Status Duration, a stopwatch that tracks how long each agent has been in their current Status.

With Status Duration, Managers can quickly scan for indicators of potential issues, such as:

  • A longer than average Busy status, perhaps due to a complex inquiry where an agent may need some assistance or coaching
  • A longer than expected custom unavailable status like ‘On Break’ or ‘In Training’ which could lead to delays in your conversation queues and longer wait times for your customers

Learn more


Organize Snippets into Categories

Make it easier for your team to find the right Snippets and respond to inquiries quickly by organizing all Snippets into Categories.

Learn more


Trigger Routing with Message CC

You can now set Message CC as a condition in Business Rules and Queue Rules. For example, if you have an internal email address for escalating conversations, you can CC that address to alert appropriate team members.

September 2020

Move KObjects in the Timeline

Declutter timelines with the new ability to move custom objects (KObjects) from one customer’s timeline to another.


Business Rules Enhancements

  • Duplicate Business Rules: Create new automations faster with new ability to duplicate existing Business Rules.
  • Search: No more scrolling through a long list of Business Rules to find an automation. Quickly find them using the new search capability for Business Rules on the Settings page.


New Time Interval Options for Custom Reports

Certain charts simply make more sense in one time interval than another. We’ve added the ability to set default intervals in the chart configuration modal so that your data is broken down the same way every time the report is loaded.

We’ve also added new, smaller interval options to Custom Reports so you can hone in on metric changes within each hour:

  • ‘Per Minute’ interval when viewing up to one day of data
  • Quarter Hourly, Half Hourly, or Hourly intervals when viewing up to two weeks of data

Learn more


Saved Filter Views on Standard Reports

Save commonly-used filters in Standard Reports for easy access to the data that’s most relevant to you. Saved views can be accessed from the dropdown.

Learn more


Improved Queues and Routing Audit Logs

Better understand how the queues and routing are working by tracking changes in the application and audit log. Some of the changes you can now see are:

  • Which rules assigned conversations
  • When the conversation first entered the queue
  • Who accepted the conversation
  • Who was assigned to it
  • Which team the user was on
  • Changes to weight or priority


App Directory UI Update

Find and update apps more easily with the latest UI update to the App Directory page.

  • Apps with updates will be listed at the top to help you better manage your apps
  • Installed apps are now separate from the directory to help you parse through existing apps in addition to discovering new apps that are available

Feature Enhancements
  • Pick Individuals and Teams in Workflow Notes: Tag and mention teammates more easily in notes by selecting individuals and teams in the UserMentions field.
  • Sort Columns in Custom Report tables: Find outliers, high-performers and underperformers quickly by sorting columns in Customer Report Tables.
  • Permissions Observability: After permissions are updated, email alerts will now include organization name and which permission set was changed.
  • Dark Mode from Device Settings: Kustomer can now default to dark mode, light mode or switch between them automatically based on your device settings

August 2020

Field Level Permissions

Ensure your sensitive customer data is secure and streamline your agent dashboards. Field Level Permissions allows you to grant users with read or write permissions as appropriate.

Learn more here.

Outbound Webhooks (Beta)

Outbound webhooks send data from Kustomer to other systems via unique URLs. The data is delivered in JSON format as events occur in Kustomer. Connect with up to 5 systems during this feature BETA.

Learn more here.

Business Rules Updates

Business Rules now supports the ability to deliver automatic responses from the originally assigned agent when sending an email or SMS message. This provides personalization at scale with a cohesive customer experience.

New Merge Field Available

A new Merge field has been added to Search, Reporting, and Exports.Surface conversations that were a part of a merge or create a report to get an approximate count of how many conversations are merged in a defined period.

Facebook Messenger Update

Kustomer has enabled Facebook’s “Human Agent Tag” granting agents 7 days to respond. Previously Facebook required agents to respond within 24 hours. Now businesses without 24/7 customer service are able to better respond to customer inquiries via Facebook Messenger.

Snippet Updates

We’ve added 3 new default Snippets to support deflection

  • Text on Deflection Button
  • Deflection Question
  • Deflection Thank You Message

The relationships between shortcuts and snippets are more visible. This allows you to better understand usage between the two.

Search and Reporting Updates
  • View these conversation charts in intervals ranging from “Per Minute” up to “Monthly” – dependent upon your selected date range.
  • Strip null or ‘N/A’ values from results via a simple check box in the custom report builder. This resolves the issue of trying to segment on a particular level of an MLL where N/A results were returned for any branch that terminated at a higher level.
  • We’ve updated the Custom Report editing flow which previously reset the date range selection to “Past 30 days” when entering the chart edit modal. The selected date range will now stay throughout the chart editing process.

New Dynamic Variables

New dynamic variables have been added:

  • Satisfaction Rating – allows you to dynamically add ratings to messages, which is great for automated follow ups.
  • Last Message Out and First Message In – allows you to recap email messages when sending out follow ups. For example, the message can be “You wrote us about [first message in], is that still an issue?”

Amazon Connect Upgrade

Amazon’s new Connect Contact Control Panel (CCP) v2 is now in Settings. This includes the ability to manage Amazon Chats. The new CCP includes multiple bug fixes and an integration with their chat product. Flip the switch when you’re ready.

Usability Update

The columns on the Teams and Users table can now be resized.

Update to our API

Clients using our API can now more easily see what roles are needed to create a token and enable admins to create tokens with fine grained permissions for any endpoint. Now, 401 unauthorized reports will return the required roles for the endpoint in the details section.

July 2020

Schedule Custom Reports

Schedule delivery of custom reports to your team’s inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Distribute them via email to a list of up to 50 people or download as a PDF. Reports show performance up to the last 120 days. These public report links do not need a Kustomer account to view and expire within 7 days.

Learn more here.

Bonus: Now you can drag and drop charts in your custom reports to create the views your team finds most valuable.

KView Versioning

Track and change the insights available to your agents with Kview version control.

App installations that have default insight cards or timeline layouts (such as the Shopify app) will be considered the default version. Upon update, the default version will be replaced with the latest app installed view. Older versions of the view will be saved and you can revert back to them at any time.

Learn more here.

Audit Log Updates

Changes to customer attributes made via conversation shortcuts will now be logged. The shortcut names will link to the actual shortcut if the user has access.

General Usability Updates
  • Messages will be loaded as agents scroll instead of loading the full history. This improves timeline performance speed by 25%.
  • When searching or filtering on the Users page, user counts will automatically update. This helps you quickly see how many types of users you have in Kustomer.

Additional Platform Enhancements
  • Timezone Picker: Has been moved to the city/region model. This automatically applies daylight savings time offsets for all timezones where applicable. We will continue to maintain the GMT timezone code for users who wish to see their data in a UTC format that maps to our exported data.
  • Business Rules: When using a business rule to set or unset a queue, the UI now clearly indicates that the user is also unassigned when this action occurs.
  • Notifications: You can now choose to get sound notifications for note mentions. This is helpful for users that have multiple Kustomer windows open.

June 2020

Introducing Shopify 2.0

We have a major Shopify update that includes a new design for both the Insights card as well as the Timeline. This includes exciting new features, such as the ability to Refund and Cancel directly from within the Kustomer interface.

  • Actions in both the Insight card & Timeline – Refund & Cancel
  • Shipping Info by SKU
  • Out of the box multi-store support
  • Improved discount data representation
  • Order & Item Activity for Refunds & Cancellations
  • Refund reason support
  • Item image support

Improved discount & shipping data representation

You can learn more about these updates by checking out these help articles:

Team Pulse now features real-time updates for QnR orgs

We know it’s especially important for managers of remote, distributed teams to understand what’s happening right now so we’ve removed the need to refresh for updates and also included a new data point for Currently Viewing.

  • Real-time updates for all data points
  • A new Currently Viewing section in the Activity column that displays what page of the application each agent is accessing – with direct link outs
  • Consolidation of the Capacity and Total Capacity columns to save unnecessary horizontal scrolling

Learn more here

Set Queues in Business Rules

This will support use cases like: Move chat conversations to a new queue when the conversation priority has changed.

Additional Business Rule Updates
  • We’ve exposed the Imported At attribute in biz rules builder. This will help exclude any migrated or imported conversations from triggering unwanted actions — like sending automated messages.
  • We’ve also exposed the To operator, which users can use to create business rules that run when, for example, a specific SMS number is the recipient.
  • We now offer the ability to include CCs when with a send message action. By selecting the ‘Include Ccs’ option, automated messages sent via biz rules will also include all the CCs on the conversation.
  • Business Rules now support all actions regardless of the trigger – so long as the user selects a changes criteria in the rule. Previously, we required users to select prebuilt triggers (e.g. Inbound Interaction, Marked Done, etc.) to use actions like sending a message, setting a queue, etc. This is no longer required. NOTE: The changes criteria must also be in the “Match ALL of the following” criteria section. This prevents the creation of bad rules or rules that loop.

Queues & Routing Updates
  • You can now control how long agents are unavailable before being put offline using the new Agent Timeout setting. This will help ensure that customer conversations stay with the same agent throughout.
  • We’ve also exposed the Assigned Teams attribute in queue rules to compliment the Unset Queue action in business rules. With this attribute, you can use a business rule to unset a conversation queue when a conversation is reassigned to a team and then queue the conversation based on the team, rerouting the conversation as needed.

Audit Log Updates
  • Events for your Satisfaction Surveys are now included in the Audit Log! With this feature, you can quickly see which agent and team received credit for the satisfaction survey, along with have an easier time troubleshooting why surveys may be canceled.
  • The Audit Log now displays any business rule that has been updated and includes which part of the rule was updated (criteria, actions, etc.).

Additional Platform Enhancements
  • Bulk messages: Orgs using Twilio for MMS and Postmark for email can add images and attachments in bulk messages allowing you to create more engaging bulk outreach content.
  • Email Aliases: Orgs can now have more personalized outbound emails using the new Dynamic Email Aliases setting. Turn on this setting so that messages sent from Kustomer are received with the individual agent’s instead of the more generic default display name that uses “support” or “sales”.
  • Snooze UI: Has been redesigned to make it clearer that you have to actually submit your snooze selection. Learn more.

May 2020


Knowledge Base Form Builder with Kustomer IQ Available Now

Kustomer IQ now powers Knowledge Base forms, and we’ve released our new easy-to-use drag and drop form builder.

Now, anyone on your team can create, edit, and launch forms in order to gain all of the relevant information needed to resolve inquiries quickly.

Knowledge Base forms also include deflection capabilities as a last line of defense before a customer submits a form.

Updates include:

  • Our visual builder lets you select from a list of commonly used attributes and form components, including various field types, customizable field titles, and more.
  • Drag and drop functionality allows you to edit and organize form fields with ease.
  • Kustomer IQ will recommend up to 3 articles from your Knowledge Base based on the customer’s form inputs, which will pop up before a customer submits the form.
  • Note, your existing forms are unaffected. You can still build forms via our workflow engine if you prefer.



All Chart Types Available in the Custom Report Builder

We’ve released updates to the custom report builder that will help you create more engaging reports that quickly highlight successes and outliers, while helping to understand and visualize trends.

Specifically, you can now perform dual actions – Segment + Calculation (Distinct, Average, Median, Min, Max, Sum) across all chart types (excluding pie charts).

Here are some tangible examples:

  • Segment by the first response created by, display the average outbound message count so you can understand trending data on how quickly each of your agents responds to their conversations.
  • Segment by a custom attribute field like Customer Tier, display the Max first response business time so you can understand the longest any customer waited across Gold, Silver and Bronze tiers week over week.


Easy-to-Build Multi-Level Lists

Multi-level Lists are now much easier to build and manage when creating Knowledge Base forms or Klass attributes. You now have the ability to sort, auto-expand when you add a branch, and add a direct link.

Default Note Status

By default, when notes are created in a customer’s timeline, their status is automatically set to Done. You now have the option to set Open as your default state, so you can leverage notes as tasks or reminders for another user when you assign them a conversation.

Read more about Default Note Status.

Additional Platform Enhancements

  • Filter agents by assigned team when assigning a conversation. If this setting is turned off, when assigning a user to a conversation, all users are shown in the ‘Assign to a User’ drop-down menu, even if a team is already selected. If turned on, the only users that are shown are the ones that belong to the team that you selected.
  • Share both standard and custom report PDFs with a single click. A new ‘Share’ icon now appears in the report header. Just name your report and add one or many comma-separated email addresses and fire it off. Your PDF and email will generate within a few seconds and land in the inbox of your recipients.

April 2020


Introducing Kustomer IQ

AI is now available in Kustomer, helping you automate more conversations by driving more convenient customer and agent experiences.

Intent Identification

Intent Identification analyzes and classifies inbound conversations, and uses those new attributes to trigger process automation that takes work off your team’s plate. In other words, machine learning analyzes your historical data to predict a customer’s intent for contacting customer service.

Watch out tutorial video and see how easy it is to set up intent identification:

Once conversations are analyzed and classified, Intent Identification can unlock powerful automation. Here are a few of the ways it can be put into action:

  • Automate Rules: Our rules engines can automate any process, like escalating unhappy customers to more knowledgeable teams, or execute transactional interactions like refunds, returns or status updates.
  • Route Conversations: Instantly and accurately route conversations to specialized teams based on how you classify customer outreach, such as by contact reason or product line.
  • Send Auto-Responses: Responses to your most common questions can be automated, freeing up valuable time and energy.

Read more about Intent Identification in our Help Center, and contact your CSM or our support team for pricing information to get started today!

Chat Deflection

With chat deflection, your customers are encouraged and enabled to solve their own support requests using your public help articles instead of waiting for an agent.

If conversations require intervention, agents will have all the details they need, including articles suggested, including if any were viewed by the customer.

Watch our tutorial video on how to add deflection to chat:

Email Deflection

With email deflection, you can send auto responses to customer email inquiries to help initiate engagement and, hopefully, nudge customers towards self-service resolutions.

Kustomer IQ analyzes the content of the email message to automatically recommend up to 3 articles from your Knowledge Base that can potentially answer their inquiry. If the customer feels the articles solved their inquiry, they can close the conversation and save an agent from having to respond.

Read our Help Center article for more information.

Deflection Reporting

When you entrust the service of your customers to automation, you need to gauge success. Our deflection reporting stack keeps you well informed, while also providing the insights needed to continuously improve self service and automate more conversations.

Verify success with real-time analysis
Instantly assess how many deflections were executed, with comparisons around which prevented agent resolution.

Quantify time saved for customers and agents
By correlating deflection success with your resolution time handle time metrics, we can estimate the amount of time you’re saving both customers and agents with automated self-service.

Understand how content is performing
We’ve included tons of insights around the content customers are seeking, including article performance as well as search queries, which will help you identify and develop articles to deflect more conversations in the future.

Check out our Help Center article on deflection reporting, and get started with Kustomer IQ today!

Business Rules 2.0

With Business Rules 2.0, you can now trigger actions based on when information is updated. Formerly, this was a capability only available via our workflow engine, so we’re super excited to release it as part of our easy-to-use business rules engine.

Examples include:

  • Send a message to the customer if their shipment delivery date changed to a later date than the original estimate.
  • Add a note if the conversation’s sub-status is changed and you are waiting for a customer to reply.
  • Assign the conversation to a customer experience team if the customer’s satisfaction score changes from a 1 to a 5.


Workflow Engine Updates

  • Clone Action Steps: This update will save you a ton of time when setting up your more complex, branched workflows. Now you can copy and paste a step you need to add, rather than manually copying information over.
  • Exposed Company Object: You can now build workflow steps based on company object attributes.


Queues and Routing Updates

  • We’ve added Queues and Routing rules templates, including the top 3 routing rules used by our customers.
  • You can opt to place customers whose conversations are reopened back into their original queue position.
  • Routed conversations will now preview the last interaction message within the inbox, regardless of it being inbound or outbound.
  • When you reopen a conversation, you can use business rules automation to unset its previously assigned queue, which will automatically trigger re-routing rules.
  • In the Settings page, we’ve reorganized configurations into two categories: general and advanced configurations, in order to better clarify the functionality necessary to get started with Queues and Routing, versus functionality that should be incorporated as your team grows into this feature.
  • Descriptions of features and functionality are clearer and easier to understand.
  • Queue rules can be rearranged with number position selects, which is ideal for bigger companies with many rules.


Dark Mode Has Arrived.

Go ahead—flip the switch.

Kustomer has seen the light, by getting rid of it. Dark mode is now available in the Kustomer platform.

This feature release is dedicated to all of you, since dark mode was your top most requested feature!

We get it, too. You can’t avoid blurred vision, headaches, or watery eyes when staring at a computer screen all day, especially with all the video calls we’re sitting through now.

Since we intend for you to spend your entire day helping customers and managing conversations in our platform, we’ve applied dark mode to the entire Kustomer platform, no page or feature left unturned.

And you can switch from dark to light mode in a second. Quickly toggle between themes from the user menu at the bottom left of your platform screen.

Go ahead—flip the switch.

Suggested Articles Now Available in Knowledge Base Search and Forms

We just launched a cool enhancement to our Knowledge Base, which will help you more quickly find relevant, helpful content. Think of it as a search engine, embedded directly in your Knowledge Base. We’re calling it Suggested Articles.

Suggested Articles work in two ways:

1. Activate Suggested Articles in your search bar, so when a visitor inputs the search criteria, results instantly start populating.

2. When filling out a form, the inquiry field will display Suggested Articles as the customer inputs their criteria. Note that you can customize the field name.

Please refer to our help documentation, which provides an overview of how to activate Suggested Articles within the search bar as well as how to add to your forms:


Additional Platform Enhancements

  • Reporting: You can now filter by First Message In Channel in both Standard Reports and the Custom Report builder, which will more carefully segment omnichannel conversations into their respective channel metrics based on where the conversation began.
  • Send Action: “Send Later” is now available as a send option when composing an email or SMS message, meaning you can schedule a message to be sent at a future date and time within a 30 day window. Now, if your team is working outside operating hours, you can ensure customers receive the messages at the most appropriate time.
  • Notes: We noticed it was tough on the eyes to edit notes in Dark Mode, so we updated the component appearance when you edit notes to blend in better with either Dark or Light Mode UIs.
  • New Settings Page: We combined the Snooze and Sub Statuses screens because, frankly, it makes sense.

March 2020


Send Messages and Create Tags with Business Rules

Watch our video and learn how to send messages with Business Rules.

Business Rules are the easiest way to automate actions and create scalable processes that free your team from time-consuming tasks.

We’ve been hard at work to unlock even more intelligence with Business Rules, and we’re excited to release new automation capabilities, so you can more easily manage your conversations and keep information up-to-date.

Send Messages Automatically
This one’s a milestone for Kustomer—enabling you to automatically trigger messages using Business Rules!

There are plenty of reasons to send automated messages—like letting customers know an agent will be right with them, or perhaps you have a specific note or promo you’d like to share. Automating these communications keeps customers informed, and your agents less distracted. And now that you can easily create these messages via Business Rules, you can activate them at a moment’s notice.

Business Rules let you control when an automated message is sent. Today we’re releasing our Conversation Update triggers, so you can send messages when a conversation is:

  • Initiated (First Inbound interaction)
  • Assigned
  • Unassigned
  • Reopened
  • Marked Done

Business Rules can send automated messages via Email, SMS, or Notes when a conversation update occurs. When utilizing Email, you can select from your available Email Templates.

Watch our video to see how easy it is to create automated messages with Business Rules.

Add Tags to Conversations
Tags keep your conversations organized and can act as triggers to perform automated actions in the platform. Using Business Rules, you can automatically add tags to conversations, helping you manage customers and escalate conversations to specific teams when needed.

Update Company Records
For B2B orgs, we’ve added the ability to update information on Company records using Business Rules.

Improved Usability when Managing Rules
The Business Rules list view now includes a more comprehensive preview, so you can skip a step in identifying criteria and keep a better track of your Rules. This view also includes a timestamp of when each Business Rule was created or modified, and identifies the user who created and/or updated the rule.

We’ve resolved a bug in which business rules were overwriting updates via the API or other locations. Business Rules will no longer interfere with more desirable calls.

Our Help Center article on Business Rules breaks down how to set up and manage Business Rules.

New Custom Report Builder Capabilities and UX

We’ve launched a new step-by-step Custom Report builder, featuring new templated paths when creating charts, as well as some usability improvements to the building experience.

These changes will help you better leverage this tool and drive insights from your team’s activity in Kustomer so you can easily share your desired metrics and successes with stakeholders.

Key features:

  • Start from Template: this new creation path provides a series of common custom report use cases so you can test the waters and get better acquainted with the builder flow.
  • New Chart Type Picker: We embedded the chart picker in the data configuration step—no more navigating backwards to change visualizations.
  • Improved Tool Tips: We added and updated tool tips throughout the building experience. These tips pop up when you hover over specific report actions and provide clarity around the information or action required. These updates will come in handy throughout your use of the tool, especially when selecting and building your chart data.
  • Live Chart Previews: We enhanced the preview window to provide an accurate depiction of your chart as you build. When you select a chart type or add or update chart criteria, the preview will update in real time to ensure the chart output meets your expectations.

Take a peek and let us know what you think, and read our Help Center Article for more information.

Performance Dashboard

Self-evaluation is critical to continuous improvement, so we’re making your individual stats more accessible.

The Performance dashboard provides all Kustomer users real-time info related to your work within the platform. Now you can assess your performance on a regular basis, identify peak interaction times to ready yourself, and establish your own benchmarks so you can set realistic goals.

The dashboard is accessible from your personal account profile and shows exactly how you are performing at any time. You can filter by channel, and choose from a drop down of pre-selected date ranges.

Topline Stats:

  • Total Conversations Marked Done
  • Average Conversation Handle Time
  • First Contact Resolution Rate
  • Median Satisfaction Rating

Additional Insights:

  • Average Outbound Messages per Hour
  • Average Response Time Per Channel

You can access your data by clicking your avatar and then ‘Your Profile.’

Check our Help Center Article for more information.

The New Kustomer Help Center is Live!

We are thrilled to announce our fully revamped Help Center!

We redesigned and reorganized our help center to improve the overall user experience in seeking out content, and navigating through related topics as you browse.

Here’s what’s new:

  • A new sleek and modern design.
  • We redefined Home Page categories to more closely match the common topics you need to access and browse.
  • We pinned quick links to the most popular search terms below the Home Page search bar so you can navigate to those topics quickly.
  • We repositioned Article Tags, placing them at the top of each Article page, so you can see related content without needing to scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Breadcrumbs are now fully expanded on the Article page so you can more easily navigate back to a category.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue improving our Help Center and create the best experience for you and your team!

Additional Platform Enhancements

  • For conversations within the Timeline, the hyperlink color has been darkened so you can more easily discern a link in outgoing messages.
  • When using shortcuts during a conversation, shortcut previews will now match the user’s individual language preferences for easier access.
  • You can now use article permissions to share internal Knowledge Base articles with up to 50 teams or users.
  • You can now opt to expand the size of the internal Knowledge Base, so it’s easier for your team to read longer articles and content.
  • We added the ability for Conversational Assistant to initiate a chat conversation, prior to the end-customer making contact.
  • Knowledge Base article preview links will now use your custom domain, replacing the previously used internal domain.
  • Users can now click to expand images sent by your customers via WhatsApp.
  • We fixed a glitch where the text of conversations rendered properly in draft, but became jumbled when it appeared in a conversation as an outbound message.
  • We fixed a bug in form creation where our new multilevel list attribute was causing the form to fail upon save.

February 2020


Splitting a Customer Timeline

The days of splitting a Timeline via the API are over! There are plenty of reasons why you might need to split or unmerge a timeline, such as when you accidentally merge conversations from two different customers with the same name into a single timeline. And sometimes it might make sense to keep two separate timelines in tact for a customer’s business and personal email.

Either way, you can now split conversations into distinct timelines. And it’s easy!

First, determine the need for two distinct timelines, and then:

1. Make sure both timelines exist, and create a new customer profile, if needed.

2. Select Split Customer from the Customer Options menu.

3. Enter the name of the new customer profile you want to split this customer into and select the timeline events you’d like to move into the second profile.

4. Review the information and hit Confirm Customer Split. The selected conversations are now listed in the new customer’s timeline.

Please note that you can only move conversations to another timeline. We are working on enabling you to move other custom timeline objects very soon!

Read more about splitting timelines.

Engineers Rejoice! The New Inbound Webhook Settings UX is Here!

Web, form, and email Hooks are the bread and butter of our workflow engine, sending your external data to Kustomer to populate information and automate business processes.

We’ve fully revamped the Inbound Webhook Settings UX to help engineers better manage the setup and maintenance of your workflow triggers inside Kustomer.

Previously, managing Hooks was incredibly manual, requiring pesky workarounds to make updates and debug. The new UX provides a much easier way to view and edit existing Hooks, capture errors, and troubleshoot to make ongoing improvements.

In the new Hooks UX, you can:

  • View all active hooks, including Hook type, status, and description.
  • Delete inactive Hooks and edit Hook titles and descriptions.
  • Toggle debug mode on/off directly from the Hooks list.
  • Navigate to error logs from your Hooks list, which now shows who created or updated a Hook, as well as respective timestamps for those events. In addition, you can view hook error logs directly from their associated workflows.

Make sure you pass these updates on to your engineers, and reach out to your CSM with any questions.

Enable reCaptcha on Knowledge Base Forms

We’ve added the ability to toggle on Google reCaptcha for Knowledge Base forms to reduce spam submissions.

reCaptcha protects your website from spam and abuse through an advanced risk analysis engine with adaptive challenges to keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities on your site. It does this while letting your valid users pass through with ease.

When enabled, the form will prompt an “I am not a robot” option. If Google feels the submission might still be spam, a more challenging question will be posed.

Simplified Rules Builder for Searches, Reports and Business Rules

We’ve consolidated the Operator list to improve usability and eliminate redundancies in the rules builder when creating searches, reports, and business rules.

Additional Platform Enhancements
  • Our Fullstory integration is now available—providing web cobrowsing capabilities to help agents visualize customer issues the moment they occur, and directly linking replay sessions to their timeline.
  • When a Gmail account is deauthorized in Kustomer, the email address will now appear in the deauthorization event in Org Logging.
  • When debugging workflows, we improved readability by including each workflow’s step ID.
  • You can now export data from all standard report charts to CSV for additional one-click access to your data.

January 2020


Introducing Permission Sets

We are excited to announce the release of Permission Sets, which give you greater control over what your users and teams can see and do when using the Kustomer platform.

Permissions Sets let you define unique roles and and groups by granting access to data regarding customers, conversations, companies (for B2B) as well as proprietary data integrated into the platform, and let you determine whether that data can be viewed, edited, and deleted.

With Permission Sets you can:

  • Deliver full create, read, update, and delete controls for all standard and custom objects.
  • Control access to feature settings and actions.
  • Apply any number of sets to either users or teams. If the Permission Sets conflict, access will be granted.

Access defined by Standard Roles that previously existed in Kustomer has been carried over as Standard Permission Sets. If you created any Custom Roles, that access will also carry over, and each will be considered a Custom Permission Set.

While all clients will have access to Standard Permission Sets, Enterprise accounts are limited to 2 Custom Permission Sets and Ultimate accounts have a limit of 10 Custom Permission Sets. If you have more Custom Roles than the limit for your pricing plan, you will be grandfathered in at your current total.

Watch our on-demand Permission Sets tutorial here.

You can learn more about Permission Sets by checking out these Kustomer Knowledge Base articles:


Knowledge Base Enhancements


Optimize KB Article SEO

Over 90% of all web traffic starts with a search on a search engine. Therefore, ensuring your public Knowledge Base articles have high search engine rankings is critical to improving your customers’ self-service experience by making it easier for them to find answers without having to contact your customer service team.

That’s why we’ve made it easy to manage article SEO in your Knowledge Base. By default, Kustomer will auto-populate a public article’s SEO Title, SEO Description, and SEO Keywords and provide a search results preview once an article is created.

You can choose to manually optimize your article content by editing these fields to further improve your SEO rankings in search engines. Additionally, optimization is unique by language of the article further helping all your customers find your content.

You can learn more about managing SEO here.


Internal Knowledge Base Article Permissions

You can now choose to share access with internal Knowledge Base articles to certain teams or individuals within your organization. By only providing the content that is relevant, you can help your team stay focused and quickly find the content they need.

In addition, you can create more tailored articles for specific groups based on their roles and the specific functions they perform. Check out this article to learn how to set permissions for an internal Knowledge Base article.


Multi Level Lists Now Available in KB Forms

When creating a form, you have the option of adding multi-level drop down questions that will enable you to gather more detailed information from your customers on a specific topic. Learn more about the Kustomer Form Builder.

Set Default Phone Number Country Code

You can now change the default country code that automatically appears when creating or editing a customer’s phone number to a country other than the United States. Automatically defaulting to the country code most common among your customers will save your team time when setting up phone numbers in Kustomer.

As always, your team can continue to manually change the country code when the phone number is from a country other than the default you selected.

Check out our article to learn more about setting a default country code.

New Chat Capabilities and Improvements

  • End-customers can view and expand images your agents send via Chat without needing to download.
  • You can customize your company’s Fallback email address directly in Chat Settings, so when end-customers opt for email follow-up within the Chat widget, you can specify the email address from which those follow-ups are sent.
  • When your organization is offline, the ‘Estimated Wait Time’ label has been removed from the Chat header, so end-customers are clearly aware your team is unavailable. This label will also disappear from the header once an agent has joined the conversation.


Additional Platform Enhancements

  • You can bulk clear workflow errors in our Workflow Builder, which should come in handy when creating and refining new workflows. If errors are made while building and testing new workflows, especially ones that involve integrations from back-end tools, quickly clearing these errors will help to identify any unrelated workflow errors that require attention.
  • Organizations can enable or disable emojis from being used in customer-facing conversations.
  • The Audit Log can now be filtered by Event Type, so you can drill down and audit changes to your system more carefully. Filter by Conversation ID, Customer ID, User, or Setting.
  • We’ve added WhatsApp and Twitter to Org Logging, which will notify you of any authentication errors on these channels.
  • Twitter and WhatsApp have been added to Satisfaction Reporting charts, so you can analyze satisfaction ratings across all channels in which you deploy surveys.
  • For Amazon Connect users, we’ve optimized incoming Voice conversation assignment to reduce abandonment rates and ensure every Conversation is assigned to an available agent.

December 2019


Knowledge Base Updates

Multiple Branded Knowledge Bases
You can now create Knowledge Bases for multiple brands in a single Kustomer instance. Each Knowledge Base can have its own articles and categories to easily organize and present content per brand. You can use custom themes and forms to provide a unique visual identity and customer experience for every brand that your business operates.

Sharing Articles
Multiple Knowledge Bases
If you have an article that is relevant across different brands you can choose to share that article between different Knowledge Bases. For example, if you operate different brands, but each one has the same return policy, you can create a single article on the subject and place it in the Knowledge Bases of both brands.

Multiple Categories
Whether you have multiple Knowledge Bases or just one, each will have its own set of categories. Within a Knowledge Base, you can now share an article across multiple categories. For example, if you have different categories for versions A, B, and C of a product, but all three have the same installation process, you only need to create one “How to Install” article.

Sharing articles makes it easier and faster to administer the Kustomer Knowledge Base by reducing your need to create and manage multiple articles with duplicate content.

Read more about Knowledge Bases here.


November 2019


Updates to the Queue Dashboard & Report

  • We’ve updated the definition of Available Agents and Conversations per Available Agent to only consider logged in agents in available, routable states. Previously these metrics included agents in our default ‘Unavailable’ state as well as any custom unavailable states like ‘Break’ or ‘Lunch’. This update will make it easier for admins to quickly understand their team’s availability for inbound conversations.
  • Average First Routed Response Time is now available, letting you know how quickly, on average, an agent sends their first reply to conversations that have been routed to them.


New Team Report Metrics

Admins can now track an agent’s Overall Average Response Time per channel in the Team report. This is defined as the average time between each inbound customer message and the agent’s corresponding outbound response to that message, and provides better insight into an agent’s time management over the course of a conversation.

Additional Platform Enhancements

  • Agents can manually retrigger satisfaction surveys at any time. This will come in handy if a customer, who initially gives a bad response, is given another opportunity to provide feedback once a more desirable resolution is achieved.
  • Knowledge Base forms support snippets, enabling multilingual translations of forms and field descriptions and eliminating the need to create multiple versions of forms to accommodate different languages
  • You can now add Chat Presence as a column in your Searches, indicating whether a customer is active in the Chat window or if they have exited.
  • Android and iOS Chat now support Business Hours, so companies can set mobile chat availability worldwide.
  • MessageBird is now available for integrating SMS and WhatsApp conversations into Kustomer.


October 2019


Customize Notifications

We’ve recently added the ability to customize notifications of inbound customer messages by channel. This helps you prioritize channels and ensures that you never miss a message for the ones most important to you.

You now have the option to receive notifications in the Kustomer app, through email or both, and designate the frequency (Always, When Logged Out, or Never) for each channel you have installed on Kustomer, when:

  • A message is sent via the channel by a customer you follow or to a conversation you’re assigned to
  • A customer starts a new conversation in that channel
  • A customer sends any message through the channel

You can also add a different sound notifications for each channel when a new message arrives.

Learn more about how to customize and control your notifications here.


September 2019


Easier Search Management and Faster Discovery

We’ve recently introduced enhancements that help you more efficiently organize and find Searches for routing work, segmenting customers, and monitoring inbound and outbound conversation volume in Kustomer.

  • Search Folders: Kustomer Admins can now easily create a custom Folder-based navigation in the Searches panel. Individual search queries can be consolidated into category folders that make it faster for agents to find the one they’re looking for without having to page through lists of saved searches. Folders and Searches can be dragged and dropped into their desired location to make organizing the panel even easier.
  • Recent and Pinned Searches: In addition, we’ve made it more convenient for agents to quickly navigate to the search queries that are most relevant to them by adding a Recents section in the Searches panel. The Recents section will show each agent their 5 most recently viewed searches. Agents can also use any of these 5 spots in the Recents section to pin frequently used searches that they always want available for immediate reuse.
  • Search of Search: A search dialog box has also been added at the bottom of the Searches Panel for rapidly finding specific searches. If you know the name of the search query you are trying to find, you can click on the magnifying glass to start typing it in. Results that match your input will automatically show as you enter your term.

Check out our Knowledge Base articles to learn more about how to manage Searches and create Search Folders.

Manage Web Chat Availability

  • If your business operates in multiple regions, you can now set the hours Kustomer Web Chat is available by time zone through the platform’s Business Schedule settings.
  • Customizable chat business schedules give you the control to ensure you are setting the proper expectations with customers in each region and that you are delivering on SLAs.

Read more about Business Schedules here.

Knowledge Base Article Tagging

  • You can now create and add tags to new and existing public articles in your Knowledge Base. Article tags help reduce inbound service inquiries by linking related articles together across categories to make it easier for your customers to find the answers they’re searching for on their own.
  • You can add up to 20 new and existing tags through the Article Details Pane. Once an article is published, tags will display in the footer as a part of a “Tag Cloud”, where customers can click on individual tags to see related articles using that tag.
  • To get started using tags, you will need to apply the Tag Cloud Template to your existing Knowledge Base theme.
  • In addition to adding tags, you can also now drag and drop to reorder your Knowledge Base’s list of categories.
  • Learn more about tagging articles and applying the Tag Cloud Template to your existing theme here.

Integrate Twilio for WhatsApp with Kustomer

  • Connect Twilio for WhatsApp Business with the Kustomer platform to deliver a personalized, efficient, and effortless service experience for your customers across the globe.
  • How it Works: Easily install Twilio’s WhatsApp Business Application on the Kustomer platform like all of your other channels and insert your API key to start receiving messages, sharing images, and other rich media from customers.
  • You can track the impact of your team’s service by using Kustomer’s native customer satisfaction solution to survey customers engaging via Twilio for WhatsApp Business. In addition, Twilio for WhatsApp Business is incorporated into the reporting and analytics of the platform to give you a complete view of the performance of your customer service team.
  • If you are interested in deploying Twilio for WhatsApp Business you need to:
    • Be approved by WhatsApp for Business API access.
    • Have a Twilio WhatsApp account to send and receive messages.

See our Knowledge Base for more details.

Audit Log: Search and Shortcut Settings

  • The Audit Log can now track any changes made to Search or Shortcut settings, allowing you to quickly troubleshoot sudden unexpected behavior in either area.
  • These enhancements provide new insights into events occurring in the platform by tracking the actions of agents and other users to guard against internal misuse and ensure data security.


Knowledge Base Form Builder

  • We’ve launched an intuitive visual form builder so you can quickly create forms without using code in order to obtain customer feedback or support requests.
  • The visual form builder can be found under Knowledge Base settings and enables you to quickly choose from a list of commonly used attributes (e.g., Name, Email, etc.) and form components (e.g., Dropdown, Text Paragraph, etc.).
  • Form fields can be easily customized to ensure that you receive all required information, make it easy for customers to understand the information you are seeking, and minimize any back and forth between you and your customer.


New Business Rule Capabilities

  • You can now create Business Rules to remove specific tags from conversations and quickly clean up unused categories.

  • You can easily unassign conversations from a specific user and automatically reassign them using Business Rules.

Additional Platform Enhancements

  • Kustomer Chat will now automatically include a timestamp on the last message sent as well as note the amount of time since it was sent.
  • When composing Bulk Messaging, you can now assign the Conversations to another Queue.
  • Shortcut titles and categories now support Snippets, so Shortcut titles will appear and be searchable in the default language your agent chose for the Kustomer platform.
  • You can now drag and drop an image or PDF for upload directly in a Chat conversation to send to customers.
  • We added global language and snippet support for Urdu and Punjabi.


August 2019


Report filtering

  • Filtering is now available for our Standard Reports, enabling you to view only the data you want to see and uncover additional performance insights.
  • Apply one or multiple filters in order to quickly gauge results for items such as how your teams and users are handling conversation traffic, variations in performance across your support channels, and attainment of your SLA policies.


Enhanced CSV Export Capabilities

  • Leverage our enhanced CSV export functionality to get the data you need out of Kustomer quickly and easily for point-in-time analysis in other systems.
  • Easily identify which data you would like to include in a CSV export, customize the order in which it’s displayed, and access past exports stored in the new export library for future use without having to start from scratch.

See our Knowledge Base for more details.

Additional Platform Enhancements

  • The maximum number of queues that can be routed to a single team of agents for companies on our Enterprise pricing plan, and are using Queues and Routing, has increased from one to three.
  • Agents servicing customers across multiple languages can now search for Snippets by description and text – not just the title.
  • Knowledge base categories can be dragged and dropped to create a specific order based on a company’s preference. In addition, subcategories can also be dragged and dropped to create a custom order within each parent category.
  • Companies can now add hyperlinked text within Conversational Assistant chat responses to better direct their customers to online information and answers to questions without having to speak to an agent.
  • Team Pulse now includes a column that shows and links to each agent’s open conversations. Conversations that are open, but currently snoozed, are indicated by a yellow clock icon, so managers can get a clear understanding of an agent’s activity level.
  • The Timeline Map can now be found in the customer options dropdown menu along with Merge Customer and View Audit Log.


July 2019


Org Logging

  • It’s important to understand the health of your system. Org logging helps you gauge how your system is performing so you know when things go wrong.
  • The Org Logging dashboard tracks any errors that occur in your system, and Kustomer will send email alerts detailing the issue as well as best next steps to fix it.
  • Kustomer currently tracks Facebook and Gmail authentication errors, with plans to connect more applications and monitors soon.

Check out our Knowledge Base for more information.

Additional Platform Enhancements

  • Updated Chat Assistant to allow for unlimited picklist options to be viewed during a Chat conversation.
  • Made email reply-to/from alias list searchable to help manage and leverage a greater number of email aliases directly in the customer timeline.
  • Improved tracking and reporting of “total time spent” by agents, so admins can now track agent activity based on Kustomer default statuses (available, busy, unavailable, offline) and custom statuses they create.
  • The Kustomer platform now alerts users when they open more than one tab in their browser running Kustomer, in order to limit the potential performance issues that occur when multiple tabs with Kustomer are open at one time.
  • Added ability for admins to set and manage permissions around forwarding Kustomer conversation transcripts to outside email addresses.
  • Created company-based classification in the Kustomer timeline for B2B organizations, which links company details to customer, conversation, and custom object views so B2B users can more easily manage multiple companies in Kustomer and quickly view relevant company details at a glance.


June 2019


Conversation Forwarding

  • You can now forward Conversation transcripts via email to other people and groups within your company, so you can share interactions with stakeholders who may not have access to the platform.
  • Add a personalized message to the Conversation Transcript before forwarding.
  • When you forward a Conversation, an event will be added to the Conversation in Kustomer, which will denote who forwarded the Conversation, the recipient, and when it occurred.


Default Send Actions

  • For inbound messages, you can now set a default ‘Send Action’ button that appears in the Conversation. Defaults can be set for each of your channels.
  • Program the default Send Action as “Send”, “Send + Mark Done”, or “Send + Snooze”.
  • This new setting solves a minor platform issue for existing Conversations in which the Send Action would previously default to the last version used in the Conversation, which may not always be appropriate for a follow-up response.

Additional Platform Enhancements

  • Refined SLA calculations to exclude time outside business hours when team is not expected to be available.
    Streamlined the status of merged conversations to reflect the current status of the most recent conversation by default. For example, if an open email conversation is merged with a previous chat conversation marked as done, the new merged conversation will remain open.
  • Added the new User Toolbar to Team Pulse, which shows, in real time, each agent’s capacity to be routed additional conversations.
  • Optimized search functionality to recognize all parts of an email domain when entered as search criteria.
  • Added ability to store column width settings when defining default columns in Search to ensure an optimal view of the data in each column.
  • Added ability for users to configure by channel the Send Action buttons displayed in conversations.
  • Improved overall UX of Audit Logs to provide optimal display of data and eliminate the need for horizontal scrolling when viewing key details.
  • Optimized the reply functionality in Volume Control to default to a customer’s preferred channel of response.
  • Added ability for agents to modify a customer’s default language directly from the conversation insights panel.
  • Collapsed the default shortcut list view by category to make finding the appropriate shortcut easier during a conversation.
  • Added option to clear all recently viewed customers from the Recently Viewed panel.
  • Optimized Gmail integration so all replies to a single email create one connected, threaded conversation.

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